A Pioneer within Japan’s Education Sector

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A Pioneer within Japan’s Education Sector

Asia University attracts international students from all over the world

The integration of the ASEAN region by 2015 will lead to the emergence of a united Asian community. Article one of Asia University’s regulation stands as a testament to the university’s vision to play a future role within the region;

The mission of this institution is to nurture minds capable of achieving an integrated Asia, with priority being placed on conducting research and taking constructive action relating to Asian culture and society’.

“We have always been driven to internationalize the university since its founding in 1941”, says Dr. Masahiro Ikejima, President of Asia University. “A significant number of Chinese students studied with us over sixty years ago and we continue to build on our successful partnerships throughout the international academic community in a range of subjects”.

The universities faculties include Business, Economics, Law and International Relations. The Graduate School offers Asian and International Business Strategy, Economics and Law.

Asia University was the first university in Japan to offer students the opportunity to study abroad for five months and still be able to graduate within four years. “Our competitive edge as a university is the emphasis we place on international education,” says Ikejima. “The experience of studying abroad encourages open-mindedness and provides our alumni with real-life experiences and a strong academic foundation”.

Through its partner universities in Asia, North America and Europe, Asia University offers diverse international programs. As a pioneer within Japan’s education sector, the university established programs such as the China Internship and Study Program and America Program (AUAP). Since the AUAP pilot program commenced twenty-five years ago, over 11,500 students have taken part and the program remains one of the largest study abroad programs in Japan. The university also has strong relations with the private sector on which it is continuing to build for the future.

“Our intention is to increase our partnerships with industry leaders and provide students with training and employment opportunities”, says Ikejima.“Our duty is to provide support through out the entire admissions procedure, offer a great education and provide employment opportunities upon graduation. We want to be a leading internationally focused Japanese university and develop dynamic professionals. We are proud of our achievements and we look forward to forging new partnerships with institutions particularly in Southeast Asia, businesses and students in the future”.

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