About Us

Synergy Media Specialists is an independent media agency with over twenty years combined experience in international economic reporting.

We provide clients with the opportunity to communicate effectively with existing and potential partners through exclusive features in leading international publications.

By partnering with leading international media, and publishing reports during key global and industry events, Synergy Media Specialists successfully delivers corporate announcements, business communication initiatives and government level nation-branding campaigns to highly influential international readers.


In-country reporting on economic developments, international partnerships and real-time investment opportunities.

Thought-leadership driven reporting on national economies, key global industries and corporate promotional activities.

Delivery of targeted executive-level reports, published in leading international publications. Reaching governments, businesses, partners and investors in both developed and emerging economies.

Essential insights into global business developments through content-driven media consulting initiatives.

Comprehensive industry, country and city focused reporting to strengthen ties between countries, regions, investors and businesses.