Matsui aims for stronger Sino-Japan ties

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Matsui aims for stronger Sino-Japan ties


Shigeru Matsui, chairman

Shipbrokers act as intermediaries between shipowners, charterers, buyers and sellers of ocean-going vessels. Japan and China’s ocean-going trade links remain as important as ever and understanding the opportunities to collaborate is the key to success.

Japan’s economic power has increased through the country’s ability to develop strong foreign trade links. As Japan and China continue to benefit from their close ties, ship broking continues to play an increasingly important role.

Shigeru Matsui, chairman of Matsui & Company, says: “As Japanese shipbrokers, it is essential for us to build solid relationships with shipbrokers in China. We have established a strong China network and continually work towards developing our partnerships.”

Matsui & Company’s services include new-building contracts, sales and purchase, and tanker-chartering brokers in China. “We need the right approach, reliable connections and close partnerships. I am an advocate of Sino-Japan relations and fully expect our countries to work ever closer in the future,” Matsui says.

As lines of communication improve between Japanese and Chinese brokers through open dialogue, there is an expectation that both countries can work in partnership to make improvements within the shipping industry.

Having been active in the maritime industry for more than 40 years, Matsui has developed lasting friendships. During his career, he has also brokered deals with international players such as Teekay Shipping, ExxonMobil, Valero and Hong Kong-based Wah Kwong Shipping.

“Matsui & Company has been doing business with Wah Kwong Shipping for many years and we remain committed to this partnership – we want to build on this relationship,” Matsui says.

“We encourage other shipbrokers in Japan to establish ties with our friends in China as we believe this will strengthen the Japanese shipping industry.”

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