30 years of growth based on a passion for innovation

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30 years of growth based on a passion for innovation

Tsukiden Global Solutions Inc. has been a pioneer within the Philippines’ information technology sector since 1989.

Tsukiden delivers solutions relating to business applications, telecommunications, embedded systems and quality assurance. At present, it is expanding to artificial intelligence, automotive driving systems and network security systems. The company has plans to grow its business by 10 to 15 percent annually.

As the only Tsukiden subsidiary outside Japan, Tsukiden in the Philippines is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and is strengthening its partnerships worldwide.

Jiro Hanzawa, Chairman and Maria Cecilia Anson, President of Tsukiden  |  © Synergy Media Specialists
With an average age of 23.1 years, the country has a young, skilled, English-speaking labor force with strong communication, technology and business skills. The number of employees at Tsukiden has increased from 30 in 1989 to over 400 today.

“Thanks to President Duterte’s ‘Build Build Build’ initiative, his support for businesses and strong leadership, the Philippines is experiencing one of the strongest economic periods in its history,” said Jiro Hanzawa, chairman of Tsukiden.

“The government of the Philippines has entrusted Japanese businesses with the task of contributing to the growth of the Philippine economy. We will continue playing our part and create opportunities for people here.”

The combination of Filipino innovation and Japanese discipline create synergies and Tsukiden is providing employees with the opportunity to train and work in Japan. Young engineers from the Philippines are gaining a reputation for excellence and Tsukiden plans to create more employee opportunities.

The company has received various awards from prestigious organizations and agencies, both in the Philippines and abroad, for its excellent performance in IT projects, employee management and business acumen. Aside from this, it is actively involved in corporate social responsibility programs focusing on education, environmental welfare and ethical business practices.

“Our success is founded on strong client relationships, delivery of quality projects, our dynamic teamwork and contribution to society,” said Maria Cecilia Anson, president of Tsukiden.

“We have a holistic approach to doing business and we place great importance on developing employee skills. We see opportunities to develop our business with Japanese and international clients and look forward to continually supporting them.”

Moving forward, Tsukiden will continue to soar high with its innovation, integrity and excellence.


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