A Danish Maritime ‘Cluster-Approach’

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A Danish Maritime ‘Cluster-Approach’

With long-standing shipping activities, Denmark and Singapore are both leading global-maritime players with advanced knowledge-based maritime technologies.

By sharing experiences and knowledge and developing a ‘cluster-approach’, three leading Danish maritime companies are creating opportunities within the Singapore maritime industry.

The people behind Sea Solutions, a leading, global provider of maritime IT solutions and services have been active in Singapore for over twenty years. The company delivers seamless, optimized solutions between ship and shore organizations including Crew Management, Marine Payroll, Load Planning and Container Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

“Through our continued commitment to Singapore’s maritime industry, we have developed a strong foothold in the market”, says Leif Nielsen, Managing Director of Sea Solutions. “We intend to continue driving our business forward as we strengthen our activities in Singapore”.

Having established a Singaporean subsidiary in 2010, Iver C. Weilbach & Co. (Weilbach) is strengthening its activities in Asia through its Singapore office.

Company Name: Weilbach
Industry: Shipping and Logistics
Toldbodgade 35, DK-1253 Copenhagen, Denmark
33 34 35 60

Established in 1755 in Copenhagen, Weilbach has become a world-leading supplier of nautical data and charts, maritime publications and digital software products for the maritime industry.

As the shipping industry continues to evolve, so has Weilbach’s business. Electronic nautical charts and the electronic publishing of maritime hand books have provided new business opportunities for Weilbach and the company is successfully engaging with customers and partners across Asia.

Logimatic develops advanced software and IT solutions for fleet management, planned maintenance and procurement for the shipping industry.

Company Name: Logimatic
Industry: Shipping and Logistics
Sofiendalsvej 5 9200 Aalborg
9634 7000
Based on more than 25 years of experience, Logimatic offers the globally recognised IT-solution Sertica to shipping and fleet management companies. Sertica minimizes unnecessary downtime, increases productivity and reduces costs for maintenance, purchasing and fleet management.

With increasing worldwide implementations of Sertica, Logimatic recognizes a huge market opportunity in Asia and the company is looking at using Singapore as their Far East hub to strengthen its relations with partners across Asia.

With Singapore leading the way in the advancement of the global maritime industry, Sea Solutions, Weilbach and Logimatic are continuing to strengthen their commitment to Singapore and win new business.

“Danish maritime companies understand the importance of Singapore as a global shipping hub and want to increase their activities in Singapore,” says Nielsen. “As individual companies, and collectively, we recognise there are exciting opportunities in the Asian marketplace. Through our ‘cluster-approach’ we are seeing the benefits of being closely associated with maritime developments taking place in Singapore”.

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