A Global Partner in Industrial Systems Focuses on Asia

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A Global Partner in Industrial Systems Focuses on Asia

Toshiba Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation integrated their industrial systems divisions in 2003 to establish Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC).

The company is a market leader in different industries among which are pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining and metal industries and also serves the global chemical, electronics, automotive, machinery, and food industries. An increased demand in particular in the South East Asia region has led to the company strengthening its operations and brand equity.

“Our products and solutions are at the forefront of technology,” says Dr Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia. “Our goal is to communicate with potential customers across Asia, share our brand values and drive our clients’ businesses forward”.

Italian national, Dr Poli, who also serves as the President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and as Member of the Singapore Business Federation Council has been tasked with expanding TMEIC’s business in Southeast Asia.

Japan - Kiyotaka Machida, President & CEO of TMEIC 1

Kiyotaka Machida,
President & CEO of TMEIC

“In line with our goal of becoming a truly global firm, our group placed Dr Stefano Poli in charge of our business in the region to stay ahead of the curve,” says Kiyotaka Machida, President and Chief Executive Officer of TMEIC Corporation headquartered in Tokyo.

Japan - Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director, TMEIC Asia

Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director, TMEIC Asia

“We have established an office in Jakarta as part of our expansion plans and this year we are planning to open an office in Thailand while also looking at Vietnam for future market expansion,” explains Dr Poli.

In Singapore, TMEIC delivers among other products and systems Electric Drive Solutions for large compressors used in LNG plants, oil and gas plants and pipeline projects. “Singapore is a very important market for us in our material handling business and we intend to expand our business in the downstream oil and gas industry and focus on middle and upstream activities in the future,” underlines DrPoli. Representing the importance of Singapore to its activities, TMEIC’s Singaporean branch office will be converted into a regional headquarter function in October of this year.

“We are confident of our continued success in Singapore and the region,” says Dr Poli. “We will continue to deliver highly technical products and solutions while providing first-class customer service”.

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Sales, engineering, installation and servicing of industrial electric and automation systems, mainly for manufacturing plants, as well as development and manufacturing of monitoring control systems, power electronic equipment and rotating machinery (large-capacity motors, etc.) for industrial applications.

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