A Pioneer in Specialty Steels

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A Pioneer in Specialty Steels

Founded in 1916, Daido Steel Co. Ltd. delivers specialty steel for automotive, industrial and electrical machinery parts. The company is successfully strengthening its presence across Asia and is committed to developing its business in Singapore.

Specialty steels are used in airplanes, automobiles, power generators and information technology equipment. With Southeast Asia’s growing manufacturing sector, Daido Steel is focused on meeting the technical demands for its solutions from clients across the region.

“Our strategy is to reinforce our supply-chain capabilities to meet the demands of our customers,” says Tadashi Shimao, President and CEO of Daido Steel. “With a population of 600 million, Southeast Asia is a huge market and we want to work more closely with our clients and supply our customers across the region.”

Japan - Tadashi Shimao, President and Chief Executive Officer, Daido Steel Co. Ltd. 1 - Copy

Tadashi Shimao, President and Chief Executive Officer, Daido Steel Co. Ltd.

The company has two subsidiaries in Singapore, Daido Amistar (S) Pte. Ltd. and Daido Kogyo Co. Ltd. Singapore branch.Working closely with Singapore based oil and gas companies has provided huge opportunities for the company.

“While we began manufacturing in Singapore, today we see Singapore as a test market and center for market research on industry trends and technologies,” says Shimao.

With the company celebrating its centenary next year, Shimao is looking forward to the future.

“The region is developing quickly,” says Shimao. “Technology driven sectors such as the aerospace industry are today manufacturing in, and will be sourcing raw materials from Singapore.We intend to supply our existing and future clients, and offer our solutions and know-how to customers so they benefit from our technology, knowledge and expertise”.

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