A South African Partner Beyond Expectations

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A South African Partner Beyond Expectations

South Africa’s banking and financial services sectors continue to contribute to and strengthen the country’s economy. With the largest exchange on the African continent – Johannesburg Stock Exchange, currently ranked the 19th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalisation, and ongoing developments in the country’s banking industry, South Africa is building on its reputation as a global financial center.

This stable and well-regulated business environment has enabled large and medium size financial players to establish themselves across the country.


Roland Sassoon , Chief Executive Officer Sasfin Bank

In Johannesburg, Sasfin Holdings, a bank controlling company and notably its subsidiary; Sasfin Bank have become a leading South African financial institution.

‘As a bank, we are on a good wicket’, says Chief Executive Officer, Roland Sassoon. ‘We have successfully launched our Transactional Banking services and we intend to continue to grow our business and strengthen our reputation as a trusted and committed South African financial institution’.

Sassoon’s father established the business in 1951 and the company evolved from a textile importer to a small-scale trade and equipment financing company which went on to list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987.

Today, Sasfin Bank focuses on the needs of corporate, commercial and individual clients. Services include trade and equipment finance, corporate finance and private equity investment, securitisation, international and domestic treasury, freight, growth incentive consulting, asset management, stockbroking, portfolio management and wealth and financial planning.

The vision of Sasfin Bank is to partner with investors, entrepreneurs and corporates and the Bank’s ties to China continue to create opportunities.

Sassoon’s first trip to China in 1963 laid the foundations for strong partnerships and friendships across the region with companies such as Hecny Group, a leading international freight forwarding group, headquartered in Hong Kong.

Recognising Hong Kong’s reputation as a strategic financial center, Sasfin established a presence there. Today, Gary Patterson, managing director of Sasfin Asia Ltd. heads up the bank’s Hong Kong office.

‘’BRICS’ offers China and South Africa the opportunity to work more closely together on both governmental and business levels’, says Sassoon. ‘We want to emphasise that South Africa is a reliable place in which to do business, despite the challenges within the country. We are confident that South Africa will continue to create opportunities for international business exchange and we will work closely with our partners and clients as we play an increasingly active role within South Africa’s dynamic financial sector’.

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