AfroCentric Health – Creating a World of Sustainable Health Care

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AfroCentric Health – Creating a World of Sustainable Health Care


Dr Anna Mokgokong, Health Chairman, AfroCentric

Afrocentric Health is a leader in the healthcare and is driven by a commitment to innovation, sustainability and transformation of healthcare. Our vision is to ‘create a world of sustainable healthcare’.

Healthcare and technology are robust and exciting sectors in which to do business and we continue to thrive in these sectors. With a solid footprint in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya – the AfroCentric group is on a firm and steady growth path across the African continent.

Our cutting edge technologies and systems are also enablers for the group to enter new markets and explore non-traditional opportunities for the group. Our health business continues to be the preferred provider of services to a number of prominent South African government entities including the Government Employees Medical Schemes (GEMS) and the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Whilst these contracts are not without challenges, our success in rendering services to governments provides a solid platform for future business growth.

We believe that our offering adds value – particularly in the areas of cost effectiveness and efficiencies. Whilst our core competencies remain administration and managed care services, we believe that there will be growth in non-traditional markets especially those in need of proven and efficient technological platforms.

Whilst there are anti-competitive behaviors are prevalent in our markets, our healthcare business is making its unique systems and competencies more available to the market through competitive pricing strategies while explicitly demonstrating the costs savings they generate.

The group continues to track, assess and adapt to legislative developments – particularly with regard to the National Health Insurance (NHI) which will be introduced in South Africa (and possibly neighbouring countries in the future). Whilst these impact how we do business, our focus remains cost containment and the efficient provision of healthcare services to GEMS and other stakeholders.

We are proud of our success with government contracts and we will continue to focus on retaining and expanding this business going forward. Our dedicated operations around government business will also collaborate and leverage their collective expertise in the areas of cost containment and volume.

The increasing volumes in private sector are expected to generate greater margins and, through improved efficiencies, reduced costs albeit across a limited customer base. In this context, our strategies will focus on working more closely with government while playing a positive role in the cost effective delivery of healthcare services.

AfroCentric Health originally acquired its largest health entity, Medscheme Holdings, in 2006 with a view of improving the structural inefficiencies which existed and in anticipation of a leveling of the playing fields in the industry especially in the South African healthcare market. The real value of the Medscheme business lies in the consolidation of the market and the potential expanding within the continent.

Historically, AfroCentric Health has delivered consistent, solid growth and this will not change. Despite the many challenges within our sector, our businesses remain robust and successful. We continue to make substantial progress in laying the foundation for long-term growth and positive shareholder returns.

“We have a business that delivers to our customers, associates, clients, suppliers, shareholders and communities. Recent and future transactions will result in significantly stronger balance sheets as well as stronger executive management team with extensive experience and a proven track record as business developers and entrepreneurs”, says AfroCentric Health Chairman, Dr Anna Mokgokong. The group will continue to exploit the synergies of greater business leadership driven by its well-developed commercial and industry minds.

“Afrocentric Health’s success has been possible due to dedicated, knowledgeable and insightful partners and clients that willingly offer their time and expertise. The core competencies, skills and experience of the executive directors have been gained within the healthcare environment. For this reason we remain convinced that we have the means to unlock further value,” she concludes.

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