An Unbreakable Transport Chain from Iceland to China

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An Unbreakable Transport Chain from Iceland to China

Eimskip's Qingdao coldstore

2014 has proven to be a momentous year for Eimskip, Iceland’s oldest shipping company. Celebrations included the company’s 100th anniversary and marked ten years of doing business in China. Eimskip continues to leverage its experience as a world-leader in reefer (refrigerated container) forwarding logistics services and is strengthening its business in China.

Eimskip’s Chinese activities are located in, Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen and Shenzen. The company recently signed a joint venture agreement with Qingdao Port Authority to operate a 55,000-ton cold storage facility. As the seventh largest container port in the world, Qingdaois an important destination for the import and export of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood.

“The agreement further strengthens our presence in China and builds on our existing operations throughout Asia”, says Gylfi Sigfússon, President and CEO of Eimskip. “Considering the importance of Qingdao, the agreement is also in-line with our strategy to reinforce our reefer forwarding services in Asia. With Qingdao’s population of 8.7 million, the city is also a huge market opportunity for Eimskip.”

Following the recently signed Iceland-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Eimskip’s new Chinese-built specialized container vessel, ‘Lagarfoss’ docked at Qingdao Port on July 1st, 2014 – the day the FTA was put into force. Two hundred new reefer containers of Chinese goods were loaded onto the vessel to be transported under the new FTA terms.

“While we anticipate the FTA will play a huge role in the growth of our business, we have already been significantly increasing our reefer forwarding services to and from China and within the Asian region”, says Bragi Thor Marinosson, Executive Vice President of Eimskip.“A decade ago when, we entered the Chinese market, most of our business involved exports from China. Today, given the growth of China as a consumer market, we are focusing our efforts on both imports and exports.”

“China is an important market for us and continues to be our stepping stone into the Asian region”, Sigfússon concludes. “We are keen to work more closely with our customers across the region. We are confident in our ability to provide our clients and partners with the best possible global transportation services.”

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