BCA: Always on the side of growth

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BCA: Always on the side of growth

With strong management, high quality products and services, as well as strategic expansion plans, Bank Central Asia(BCA) continues to support the growing Indonesian economy.

“The sheer size and diversity of the Indonesian market creates opportunities for both foreign and domestic investors,” said Deputy President Director Eugene Galbraith. “Government policy is becoming increasingly supportive of foreign investment. What is good for the economy is good for us.”

BCA is a leading commercial bank in Indonesia with a core focus on transaction banking and providing loan facilities and solutions to the corporate, commercial small and medium-sized enterprises and consumer segments. The bank’s solid financial performance has proven to be consistent and sustainable over the years. Its 2017 consolidated financial results report a 13.1 percent increase in net profit from 20.6 trillion to 23.3 trillion rupiah.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Eugene Galbraith Deputy President Director

BCA’s success can be attributed to the management team’s efforts to increase and diversify the bank’s assets while focusing on excellence in transactional banking and a strong risk management culture.

“Our highly diversified loan portfolio has enabled us to capitalize on of our significant low-cost funding advantage. In addition, today, we have become the dominant mortgage bank in the country,” explained Galbraith.

BCA has a track record as one of Indonesia’s most innovative banks through early adoption and application of technologies. It has given the company an edge when responding to customer needs. Located in- side popular shopping malls, myBCA provides one-stop, self-service digital banking, ranging from opening savings accounts to credit cards and housing or vehicle financing applications. Sakuku, an electronic wallet equivalent, enables cardless withdrawals and its Split Bill feature even allows friends to easily split restaurant bills.

BCA’s motto, “Always by Your Side,” reflects the importance the bank places on customer-centric services and long-term relationships. Over the years, BCA has nurtured its relationships with Japanese banks and investors.

“The Japanese industry has provided key support to Indonesian industries and infrastructure projects,” said Galbraith. “There is a wealth of opportunities here and Japanese corporates are very well-positioned to grow their businesses while contributing to the development of the Indonesian economy. BCA is looking forward to supporting their efforts as we continue our work with our Japanese friends.”


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