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Better Starts Now

Hong Kong offers visitors an incredible combination of culture, food, natural-beauty and of course – shopping!

Established one hundred years ago this year, Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen, is strengthening its position within Hong Kong’s mid-price range watch market.

Initially entering Hong Kong in the 1970s, and Citizen Watches (HK) has been developing the market ever since.

“We recognised the importance of Hong Kong early on”, says Naoto Hosogaya, managing director of Citizen Watches (HK).

Mr. Naoto Hosogaya,  Managing Director, Citizen Watches (HK)

“Our sales volume has increased as we share the philosophy behind the Citizen brand, educate customers regarding our technologies and promote the full-range of Citizen watches through over one hundred partner dealers in Hong Kong”.

Face-to-face purchases are hugely important within Hong Kong’s retail sector. While improving the ‘high-street’ customer experience, Citizen Watches (HK) recognizes the importance of online platforms and is enhancing its online promotion activities across each of its markets.

“Helping our business growth in Hong Kong, Citizen has been highly-regarded in mainland China for sixty years”, says Hosogaya. “To celebrate our 100 year milestone and to show our gratitude to our customers in the market, we are offering an extended five year warranty to customers in certain Asia regions”.

Today, Citizen Watches (HK) is responsible for all Asian markets except Japan and works in close cooperation with Citizen in mainland China. The company’s network extends as far as India and the Middle East with sales increasing in key markets such as China, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Citizen is proud to manufacture the machinery which makes Citizen Watches and has production facilities in Japan, China and Thailand.

The company’s innovations include the world’s first light-powered watch launched in 1976 (now known as the ‘Eco Drive’) and the world’s first light-powered satellite-synchronised watch, the ‘Satellite Wave’ in 2011.

Citizen fuses these technologies with beauty. The pink gold ‘Sakura’ ladies range utilizes cutting-edge plating-technology which encompasses the beauty of Japan’s famous cherry blossom.

“Wearing a watch creates a personal feeling of affection within each of us”, says Hosogaya. “Citizen will continue to deliver innovative technologies and attractive designs as we grow our business in synch with our customers’ expectations and beyond”.

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