Blue Bird Group – Driving Growth

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Blue Bird Group – Driving Growth

Blue Bird has been Indonesia’s market leader and most trusted brand for passenger transport 40 years. Known for their consistent quality of service and safety, Blue Bird taxis, limousines, rental cars and buses can be seen traversing the country every day, serving the transportation needs of the country’s growing population.

“The No. 1 core value embedded in our company is integrity,” explained Noni Purnomo, president director of Blue Bird Group Holding and president of Intelligent Transport Systems Indonesia. “The way we control, encourage and incentivize our employees is based on integrity, and we strongly believe that sustainable success is based on hard work and discipline rather than overnight successes.”

Purnomo’s enterprising late grandmother started the family business in the 1960s by commercializing private cars and introducing the first(and for a long time) the only limousine service for Jakarta’s five-star hotels.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Noni Purnomo – President Director – Blue Bird Group

Built on Indonesian family values, the company has grown from owning, operating and maintaining two cars to a fleet of close to 30,000. It has also diversified into property, trading and logistics — businesses Purnomo plans to grow through strategic partnerships.

“We are attuned to the Indonesian business environment and understand its regulations, challenges and opportunities,” said Purnomo.

“We are very strong in project management and human resources. Our focus is to forge strategic long-term partnerships with companies that have the expertise to grow our businesses and contribute to society.”

Over the years, Blue Bird has acquired a land bank with properties in strategic locations in major cities across Indonesia, including a beautiful beach-front hotel in Lombok. While much of the land is currently being used for taxi pooling and car maintenance, the company intends to add value to these assets by developing them.

Through its purchase of safe, efficient and durable vehicles, Blue Bird Group enjoys strong ties with Japanese automotive companies in Indonesia. The company has further strengthened its relations with Japanese businesses in Indonesia by delivering trade and logistics solutions.

Blue Bird Group aspires to form more partnerships such as its joint venture with Sumitomo Warehouse Co. Ltd. The joint venture covers freight forwarding services in Indonesia.

“We intend to significantly grow our company in the next few years. Particularly our properties and our cold chain logistics businesses, which we hope to scale up with the help of Japanese partners,” said Purnomo.

“For Indonesians and Japanese, trust is a vital quality when it comes to doing business and as we deepen our relationship with one another, we look forward to cementing the already strong ties between our two countries.”

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