Bringing ‘Creation and Innovation’ to Southeast Asia

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Bringing ‘Creation and Innovation’ to Southeast Asia

Takatori Corporation is a leader in the development and production of semiconductor and panel display equipment. Active in high-brittle material cutting equipment (multi wire saw) and apparel and special-function fiber cutting machines (auto cutting system), the company is setting its sights on Southeast Asia.

Takatori Corporation’s motto of ‘Creation and Innovation’ has held true over six decades. In recent years, the company has succeeded in commercializing the production of equipment for the aerospace and medical industries.

As an equipment supplier to leading manufacturers around the world, Takatori’s overseas sales strategy is based on trusted distributors. In Southeast Asia, Millice Pte. Ltd. and Toyo Adtec Pte. Ltd. represent the company.

Japan - Makoto Masuda, President and Representative Director, Takatori Corporation

Makoto Masuda, President and Representative Director, Takatori Corporation

“We benefit from our strong partnerships around the world, in particular with Toyo Adtec with whom we have been working with for almost twenty years,” says Makoto Masuda, President and Representative Director of Takatori Corporation.

In Malaysia and the Philippines, Takatori Corporation’s business lines focus on semiconductors and parts installed in automobile, smartphones, tablet devices, medical equipment, LED products, and various cutting-edge products. Member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) remain important markets for the company’s advanced technologies.

“Southeast Asia is vital to the growth of our business”, says Masuda. “In the textiles and semiconductor industries, our high-precision machines deliver hugely competitive production rates. We contribute to our customers’ production targets by stabilizing their operations and delivering quality after-sales service”.

Japan - Product photo, Takatori Corporation

Takatori Corporation’s machines utilize the latest information on a comprehensive range of materials. By offering customers high-flexibility equipment and reduced modification costs, the company is gaining ground in Southeast Asian markets.

“As a company, we support Southeast Asian companies by providing world-class machines and technologies”, Masuda concludes. “We look forward to continually introducing modern production systems and working in partnership with our friends across the region”.

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