Building a Pipeline to Success in Asia

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Building a Pipeline to Success in Asia

Caption - GS-Hydro technology is often used in the offshore segment

GS-Hydro technology is often used in the offshore segment

Recognized as the global leader in non-welded piping solutions, GS-Hydro is committed to delivering high quality projects, service and product solutions to customers and suppliers worldwide.

The basic principle of a piping system has always been to transfer fluids from one location to another. In the marine and offshore industries, high pressure piping systems are subject to challenging environmental conditions, extreme weather and high physical stress. There are stringent requirements for hydraulic and other high pressure systems when it comes to materials and how the installation work is executed.

“Considering the challenging nature of the offshore industries, it is vital that companies use durable, high quality equipment and piping systems in their offshore drilling and production installations,” says Pekka Frantti, President and CEO of GS-Hydro Corporation. “We have developed into a highly experienced service provider with a wealth of knowledge regarding the offshore industry. Our projects include delivering solutions to over 200 drilling rigs and numerous gas platforms around the world,” he says.

Established in 1974, the Finnish company is today a world-leading supplier of non-welded piping systems which utilize innovative flange connection technology developed in-house by the company. “The benefits of non-welded piping solutions include superior cleanliness, substantial time savings at the installation site and environmental friendliness. Notably, ‘leak-free’ reliable piping systems are becoming essential to an increasing variety of industries,” says Frantti.

While the offshore industry represents half of the company’s business, GS-Hydro is also engaged in marine and land-based installations. The company has fitted their systems in more than 6,000 ships and thousands of other piping systems have been installed in land-based industries such as metals and mining, automotive, pulp and paper and recycling.

Today, GS-Hydro has a global presence in seventeen locations around the world including Singapore, where continued investments are being made to service the emerging economies of Southeast Asia. “Singapore is a hub for business in the region. We established our office there in 2007 to be close to our strategic regional customers in nearby markets,” says Frantti.

Pekka Frantti, President & CEO, GS-Hydro

‘Through our office in Singapore, we intend to develop our Singaporean and Asia Pacific customer base.’

Pekka Franti,
President & CEO,

“With Singapore’s role as a maritime and logistics hub, we are looking forward to delivering more offshore service projects. Through our office in Singapore, we intend to develop our Singaporean and Asia Pacific customer base to ensure our future growth in the region,” adds Terho Hoskonen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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