Building communities, connecting people and transforming lives

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Building communities, connecting people and transforming lives

“It is a very exciting time for Hong Kong”, says Dr. Stephen Riady, President of The Lippo Group of Companies.

“With the Government of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative driving regional connectivity, Hong Kong is in an enviable position to capitalise on its rich experiences in international trade, shipping, logistics and professional services”.

The Special Administrative Region’s (SAR) role as an international financial hub will be further strengthened through its ability to provide diversified financing channels to fund ‘One Belt, One Road’ planning, development and infrastructure projects. “Once in motion, tax planning, auditing and financial management will be required as trade and business develops along the various belt and road corridors”, says Dr. Riady.

Of course, Hong Kong already enjoys mutually beneficial ties with its neighbours.

Dr. Stephen Riady,  Chairman

“Hong Kong’s regional partnerships stimulate trade and economic cooperation as exemplified by the SARs signing of key free trade and investment agreements with ASEAN in November last year”, says Dr. Riady.

Japan remains an important trade partner for Hong Kong and both enjoy internationally-acclaimed healthcare systems. Life expectancies in Japan and Hong Kong rank amongst the highest in the world. However, with ageing populations and a rising demand for healthcare services, ‘life-sciences’ have become an increasingly important area of cooperation.

Intending to become a leading Asia healthcare group, in 2017 Lippo Group acquired two Singapore-listed healthcare companies. Healthway Medical Corporation Limited manages over ninety clinics and medical centres in Singapore and OUE Lippo Healthcare Limited (formerly International Healthway Corporation Limited) which owns and manages twelve nursing homes in Japan and a hospital in China.

In January of this year, Lippo Group established a strategic partnership with ITOCHU Corporation of Japan with the intention of developing an extensive network across Asia. “With Asia’s rapidly ageing population and the growing affluence of people, demand for quality healthcare is on the rise”, says Dr. Riady.

“We are bringing our strengths to this sector in high-potential, emerging markets across the region”.

With businesses focused on real estate and infrastructure, mineral exploration, food, retail, ‘e-commerce’, telecommunications and finance and financial technology (fintech), Lippo Group is well-positioned to seize cross-industry investment opportunities.

“We see opportunities for us in the digital economy with fintech and digital payment solutions”, says Dr. Riady.

“With the recent launch of Hong Kong’s seven initiatives to bolster the island’s fintech capabilities and open up a new-era of smart banking, these create opportunities for collaboration between the fintech communities of Hong Kong and Japan. This will support innovation and development and spur business opportunities across the region”.

With a proven track record and extensive expertise, Lippo Group will continue to look for areas which present long-term, value-creation opportunities.

“The Lippo brand represents quality, high-standards, reliability and consistency; attributes which are required to build trust”, concludes Dr. Riady.

“We are constantly working to ensure our brand values are upheld and our employees understand and deliver the high-standards we expect of them. We intend to build on our reputation and track-record as we grow our businesses in line with the economic development of the region”.


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