Building on its excellent history of successful business in Singapore

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Building on its excellent history of successful business in Singapore

Japan - Hirozumi Sone, President and CEO, Azbil Corporation

Hirozumi Sone, President and Chief Executive Officer

In pursuit of ‘human-centered’ automation, Azbil aims to constantly improve its ability to help its international customers overcome the challenges they face in key global markets.

Since 1906, Azbil has continued to develop leading measurement and control technologies and tailor-made solutions for customers. Marking 110 years of successful business, 2016 sees Azbil redoubling its efforts to expand its businesses globally. Singapore is an important location for Azbil’s business strategy in Southeast Asia. The company installed its first Distributed Control System (DCS) in Singapore in the 1970’s at petrochemical plants and incineration facilities. In 1998, the Azbil Group expand its business in Singapore; Azbil Singapore Pte. Ltd. which focuses on delivering building-systems solutions. Since then, Azbil has continued to provide life-cycle solutions to industries in Singapore. 2000 saw the company supply a DCS for a district cooling-system in Singapore, the first DCS delivered for a district cooling system in Singapore. Azbil has already provided life-cycle solutions to four different plants. In 2003, Azbil installed its Building Energy Management System (BEMS) at Fusionopolis, a landmark building-complex in Singapore. Key projects followed including the installation of systems in intelligent buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, and data centers across Singapore. In 2011, Azbil opened a technical service-center on the outskirts of Jurong Island to strengthen its customer support capabilities. Today, Azbil holds the highest license level from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA); L6 License for Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems work head. The company is building on its excellent history of successful business in Singapore and has to date completed several BCA Green Mark Platinum buildings. Azbil intends to continue providing customers in Singapore with life-cycle solutions developed through the company’s high-engineering skills. With attentive customer support, the Azbil Group is committed to provide its customers in Singapore and around the world with solutions focused on energy-efficiency, safety, and comfort.

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