Complete ‘logistics’ provider

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Complete ‘logistics’ provider


Masahiro Aoyama, president

The most south westerly of Japan’s four main islands and the country’s third-largest land mass is the island of Kyushu. With its proximity to China and the rest of Asia, Kyushu is known as the “gateway to Asia” and has developed strong trade ties with markets throughout the region.

Kyushu has been home to GENEQ Corporation, one of Japan’s leading logistics services companies, for more than 50 years.

GENEQ is focused on harbour transport, coastal cement shipping, distribution, customs clearance, warehousing and international shipping. Since 1989, the corporation has developed particularly strong ties to the growing Chinese market through its maritime transport services.

“We play an increasingly important role in Japan-China trade,” explains Masahiro Aoyama, president of GENEQ. “We established the Acacia Line in 2000 to service sea freight between Dalian and ports in Japan.

“In 1986, we were the first Japanese logistics provider to establish a general logistics company [Dalian Youyi Container Freight Inc] in the Dalian Development Zone. This company enables us to provide our clients with integrated transportation services to and from inland China.”

While competition and lower cost offerings from local Chinese players represent challenges, GENEQ is the only Japanese company operating in the area. This position has given the company a competitive edge by enabling GENEQ to showcase its expertise and excellence of service – both qualities which are associated with Japanese companies.

“Our aim is to grow our business in China and to offer potential customers the value-added services we are in a position to provide,” Aoyama says.

“Our Japanese customers recognise our abilities and our strong client focus. We intend to share our expertise and skills with our customers in China.”

The company’s Japanese client base includes sanitary goods manufacturer TOTO, leading food and beverage companies such as SUNTORY, and semiconductor and air conditioning manufacturers.

GENEQ also handles the transport of Toyota’s automotive parts to manufacturing facilities in Kyushu.

GENEQ intends to develop its reputation while continuing to operate from Kyushu’s major international ports of Moji and Hakata and Fukuoka airport.

As the company’s business concept – total logistics – indicates, GENEQ is committed to providing land, sea and air transport in order to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

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GENEQ Corporation
Provides land, sea and air transport services; Offers harbor transport, coastal cement shipping, distribution, customs clearance, warehousing and international shipping.

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9-11 Minato-machi Moji-ku, Kitakyushu, 801-0852 Japan