Connecting to Singapore and the World

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Connecting to Singapore and the World

Specializing in the manufacturing of connectors, Iriso Electronics was founded in Japan 51 years ago. In line with the company’s 50th anniversary last year, the company moved up from the JASDAQ to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is growing its business, global network and customer base.

“We continue to express our gratitude to all our stakeholders and partners for supporting our fifty-year history.” says Sadao Sato, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Through our valued customers’ patronage, our connectors, which are today mainly used within the automotive sector, and the Iriso brand, have become synonymous with in-vehicle connectors”.

While Iriso enjoys close relations with many overseas partners, Singapore was the company’s starting point for its overseas operations with the establishment of IRS(S) Pte., Ltd. as a production and sales base.

“Back in those days, overseas expansion was a challenge because our sales were still far from large,” says Sato.

Japan - Sadao Sato, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Iriso Electronics Co. Ltd.

Sadao Sato, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

“However, without this first step into Singapore, and our partnerships with Matsushita (Panasonic), Hitachi, and Toshiba, we could not have achieved global success. We are deeply grateful for people in Singapore who worked hard and supported our production goals”.

Today Iriso has operations in twelve countries with four manufacturing sites and two research and development facilities.

“Singapore remains our key center for sales to ASEAN member countries and we continue to provide high-quality connectors that play important functions within electronic devices”, says Sato. “We will support innovative technologies including car electrification and Advanced Driver Assistance System for safer driving in addition to playing our part in the dynamic ‘Internet of Things’ evolution”.

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