Customers appreciate a total support company

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Customers appreciate a total support company


Kentaro Tsudaka, president

Cargo ships, large deep-sea fishing boats and other types of vessels, all require their high-powered engines to run efficiently, cleanly and without incident. Established as a manufacturer of diesel-powered engines, Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho (Yanmar) is today celebrating 100 years as an international maritime leader. Yanmar Engineering, established in 1958 as a “total support company”, aims to assist customers with the maintenance, management and repair of Yanmar diesel engines installed in their vessels.

In order to train and assist customers, the Yanmar Engineering head office in Amagasaki, Japan, incorporates a technical training school (TT school) offering novices and fully-fledged engineers the most advanced and extensive training curriculum combining theory and practice.

“Every year, we have hundreds of customers visit our training school to train with the latest and largest Yanmar diesel engines. We expect to train 350 customers this year,” says president Kentaro Tsudaka. “Once they have completed their training, our customers essentially become Yanmar engineers. They are instructed on the principles of diesel engine design and construction through to the dismantling and assembling of our engines.”

In order to be closer to their customers, the company has expanded its network of training schools to include China and the Philippines. “In addition to our overseas offices in Taiwan, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, North America and Hong Kong, we are opening a fourth training school in Mumbai this year. Due to increased demand, we expect further expansion of our TT schools in the future,” Tsudaka says.

“This year, our Hong Kong subsidiary office is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Hong Kong is a very important market for us because of its geographic location and proximity to the mainland and Southeast Asia,” Tsudaka explains. “As Hong Kong is a maritime centre, many ship management companies have offices located there. Our customers in Hong Kong include local players, Japanese and European ship management companies.”

In order to support customers with vessels out at sea, the company launched “ships supporter”. This advanced Engine Management System uses the Inmarsat satellite system to manage engines in ocean-going vessels. “From our Ships – Support Center in Japan, our engine manufacturing specialists are able to monitor an engine’s condition and performance and provide customers with a range of diagnostic services and technical support,” Tsudaka says.

With 1,000 ships expected to use ships supporter from now until 2015, Yanmar Engineering is dedicated to providing the best solutions to customers worldwide.

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