Delivering Quality Solutions for Sixty Years

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Delivering Quality Solutions for Sixty Years


Singapore is reinforcing its status as a regional maritime hub. The city-state’s port is the world’s second-busiest in terms of total shipping tonnage and demand for maritime related services continues to grow. With increasing numbers of vessels arriving in Singapore, Fuji Trading is committed to delivering supporting services, maintenance and supplies to its growing customer base.

“Our mission is to ensure our customer’s vessels are sufficiently equipped, fully maintained and well supplied while in port before continuing their journeys”, says Masaharu Ono, President of Fuji Trading. “We work with some of the world’s leading ship-owners and international agents and our commitment to our customers is based on our ability to ensure their safety and enable them to focus on their core business”.

Fuji Trading is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary this year. The Yokohama based global marine supplier has developed its highly regarded reputation by offering customers a diversified portfolio of maritime industry services and products. The company’s solutions include marine equipment supplies and the delivery of consumables to engineering works.

The company is present in all major maritime centres around the world and its Singapore subsidiary, Fuji Trading Singapore (FTS) is an essential part of its global network.

“Our office in Singapore celebrated thirty years of operations in 2012”, says Ono. “With the increasing amount of maritime related business taking place in Singapore, we consider our Singapore business unit to be a vital part of our global business activities.”

In order to provide customers with a comprehensive range of maritime related services, FTS has established dedicated subsidiaries to handle specific activities. Fuji OPL Services, delivers solutions to ship operators without vessels having to enter a port. Customised engineering, maintenance and repair services are carried out through Fuji Horiguchi Engineering.

The majority of FTS’ business in Singapore is related to the company’s marine logistics business but they are also developing their import and sales side of the business. As part of this import and sales business, FTS trades in wine and various products from the world.

Masaharu Ono, President, Fuji Trading

“The growth taking place in the region has driven us to make strategic investments in Singapore and we have increased our storage capacity and logistics capabilities,” says Ono. The company is in the process of expanding its warehouse facilities in Singapore with a state-of-the-art cold-room, wine cellar and additional modern storage facilities.

“We strictly adhere to safety and environmental requirements and as a Japanese service provider, we are proud of our business growth and the high level of responsiveness we offer customers”, says Ono “From North and South America to Europe and Asia, we are committed to continually delivering quality solutions to our international customers”.

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