Delivering quality, total-solution logistics services to Southeast Asia

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Delivering quality, total-solution logistics services to Southeast Asia

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) aims to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development of its ten member countries.

In 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was established to further strengthen economic integration across the region and facilitate the free-flow of goods, services, labor, investment and capital.

Logistics lies at the very heart of bringing the region together. Nippon Express, the leading logistics company in Japan with a global network with 662 offices in 261 cities across 42 countries, has positioned itself as the preferred total-logistics provider in Southeast Asia.

“With China’s economy slowing down and ‘Brexit’ affecting Europe, we see Asia as the company’s most important region,” says Shinjiro Takezoe, General Manager of Global Business Administration Division (International Business Headquarters) of Nippon Express.

Yasunori Takahashi, Managing Director, Nippon Express (South Asia & Oceania) Pte. Ltd

Shinjiro Takezoe, General Manager – Global Business Administration Division, International Business Headquarters, Nippon Express Co. Ltd.

“The growth of the region’s population is leading to rising spending-power and consumption we are investing in ASEAN member countries in order to expand our footprint across the region.”

In December of last year, the company established in a ‘Global Logistics Innovation Centre’ in Singapore to deliver logistics solutions to non-Japanese companies.

“The center aims to develop market-research and strengthen our business ties with multinational firms which are establishing regional headquarters in Singapore,” explains Takezoe. “While we have a strong reputation amongst Japanese companies, we want to strengthen our business with non-Japanese partners.”

Nippon Express has twenty seven group companies in 14 Countries in Southeast Asia including its Singapore based regional headquarters for South Asia and Oceania. “We will aggressively expand our service network in this region,” says Yasunori Takahashi, South Asia & Oceania Region Managing Director.

“Singapore is important both as a shipping and logistics hub and as a market-driver due to the significant number of multinationals with regional headquarters in the City-State,” says Yuichi Nakagawa, Group General Manager of Nippon Express’ Global Business Planning Group. “While Thailand remains our largest market in the region, we also see growth opportunities in Indonesia and the Philippines”.

Nippon Express' Crossborder Truckage scene at national border between Thailand and Cambodia

Within the region, Nippon Express provides clients with the ‘SS7000’ cross-border trucking service – a 7000-kilometer transportation link between Shanghai and Singapore linking Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam through a hub in Bangkok.

“As we focus on ‘consolidated trucking service’, we recently improved the service between Hanoi to Bangkok and Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur in March 2017. Now we are serving our clients with simplified pricing and tracing on the web on the fixed day schedule,” says Takahashi.

“We intend to become the leading logistics company in the region by offering total-logistics solutions to our Southeast Asian customers,” Nakagawa adds.

Nippon Express is striving to provide green logistics. “We are working towards the development of eco-friendly services such as our ‘eco-drive’ initiative and will continuously roll-out more environmentally-friendly vehicles,” says Nakagawa.

“While we grow our business, we also want to be the driving force for social development, not only in Japan but across Southeast Asia,” says Takazoe. “Throughout the region, we want to earn our customer’s respect and ensure our partners associate the ‘Nippon Express’ brand with quality, total-solution logistics services”.

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