Delivering the Highest Quality Classification Services

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Delivering the Highest Quality Classification Services

Established in 1899, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai – (ClassNK) has developed an international reputation for safeguarding life and property at sea, preventing marine pollution,  protecting the marine environment and supporting the development of ‘green-shipping’.

ClassNK provides clients with a full range of services including classification and statutory surveying, registration of ship safety management systems, auditing and consultation services, material and equipment approvals, certification of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems.

At the end of January 2012, the Society had 7,718 ships totaling over 195 million g.t.  on its register, which is approximately twenty percent of the world’s currently classified merchant fleet. Today, ClassNK is the world’s largest ship classification society on a per tonnage basis, and international shipowners are keen to partner with ClassNK and apply for the society’s highest standards of classification.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ClassNK also maintains an independent research center in nearby Chiba prefecture, Japan. The Society has also expanded its international footprint to include almost one hundred international offices, 11 of which can be found in Greater China. Noboru Ueda, Chairman and President of ClassNK, recognizes that the Society’s growth in China is due to the ongoing growth of the Chinese shipbuilding industry: “China is the world’s largest shipbuilder and our goal is to expand our share of the Chinese market by promoting to shipyards and shipowners, the high quality of service that we provide.”


Noboru Ueda, Chairman and President, ClassNK

Shipowners in Greater China account for approximately twenty millions tons on the society’s register. This translates to more than ten percent of the total tonnage registered with ClassNK, and ClassNK’s registered share of newly built vessels in China has expanded rapidly over the past several years.

ClassNK’s research, services and classification standards are unmatched in the industry. The Society’s attention to detail in the surveying procedure continues to gain international recognition.

Ueda: “In order to ensure that new vessels are built to the highest possible standards, we assemble teams which include naval architects to inspect the hull, mechanical engineers to survey the machinery and electrical engineers to appraise the electrical installations. Our teams stay on site for several months in order to survey the vessel throughout the construction process”.

Since ClassNK established its first office in Hong Kong nearly forty years ago, Hong Kong and China have remained important markets for the Society.

Ueda: “As we look to the future, we expect Hong Kong to become an increasingly important market for ClassNK”.

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