Demographic Destinies – sparking the debate in Australia

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Demographic Destinies – sparking the debate in Australia

As the leading advocate for Australia’s $670 billion property industry, the Property Council of Australia represents the interests of the nation’s major property investors, owners and developers.

“Australia is building a more competitive economy while also growing sustainability dividends”, says Chief Executive, Peter Verwer.”

“Our cities are the nation’s most valuable assets and provide a focus for leveraging greater community prosperity on the back of world class liveability and competitiveness”.

The Property Council’s five-year strategy, Powerhouse 3D: New Dimensions, recognises the need to operate in a more politically charged and contested public policy environment.

The strategy aims to foster a more attractive property investment asset class by delivering member programs that secure greater political influence, forge a more connected, informed and professional property industry, while enhancing the industry’s image.

Peter Verwer CEO 2

Peter Verwer – CEO

By fostering a more competitive business environment and delivering high value member services such as world-class management and benchmarking tools, the Property Council is taking a proactive stance in the development of the industry.

The Property Council is in the ideas space and is actively engaged in the political process. We welcome debate on controversial issues such as the relationship between economic growth, prosperity and sustainability.

Demographic dynamics are transforming Australia. With the country’s population growing by one person every 87 seconds (net), pressure on economic and community infrastructure is mounting.

“It is crucial that Australia takes a more strategic, longer-term view of evolving community needs and prosperity drivers”, says Verwer.

To gain a better understand of Australia’s community hardware and software demand indicators, the Property Council has launched a demographic compass to the future, called Our Nation: Australia on the Move. (see breakout box).

Working with the Allen Consulting Group, the Our Nation app offers a vivid, more human picture, of Australia’s demographic challenges and opportunities.  It reveals the multi-track nature of Australia’s cities and regions, potential infrastructure deficits and growth opportunities.

‘We aim to foment a discussion about the future of the nation and the role played by the built environment that property investors help design, fund, develop and manage.”

‘The French philosopher, Auguste Comte (1798-1857), coined the phrase “demography is destiny” – in truth there are multiple destinies or pathways we can choose as citizens.’

‘One thing is certain – the destiny of the property industry is inextricably linked to the prosperity of the nation’s communities’.

“By fashioning a more powerful rationale for long-term planning and infrastructure investment, we are making the case for a nation-building strategy that can deliver greater prosperity dividends to future generations as well as today’s property investors.”

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The leading advocate for Australia’s $670 billion property industry

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