Dr. Power ensures the world remains ‘switched-on’

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Dr. Power ensures the world remains ‘switched-on’


Joshua Huen , Chief Executive Officer Dr. Power

In today’s digital society, electronic devices have become an essential part of our personal and professional lives. With ‘battery-life’ an increasingly important issue, the global battery industry has developed into a billion dollar business and new technologies are crucial in ensuring the world remains ‘switched-on’.

In Richmond, British Columbia, Dr. Power has become a leading research and distributing company for high-quality mobile-power solutions. The company’s product range includes next-generation lithium-ion batteries for notebooks, digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones and other portable electronic devices.

Today, Dr. Power’s 4,000 plus products cover approximately ninety percent of all devices available on the global market. The company exports to over fifty countries including Singapore, a market close to the heart of Joshua Huen, the founder and President of Dr. Power.

“Singapore’s status as a developed nation in the region and its utilization of E-commerce prompted us to start shipping directly to Singapore from our facility in Hong Kong,” he explains. “Singapore was our first export market and we have managed to gain a significant market share there after only a few years”.

The company sells its mobile-power solutions in Singapore through reseller’s websites such as www.battdepot.com/sg/ and delivers to both personal and institutional customers.

“Consumers usually buy batteries from device manufacturers or purchase lower-quality alternatives,” says Huen. “One of our competitive advantages is that we are the only branded battery in this particular niche segment of the industry. As an established Canadian brand with research and development facilities in Asia, customers can expect the highest quality products from us. Our products are manufactured in ISO:9001 certified facilities and our factory testing capabilities meet Conformité Européene/European Conformity (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards. In addition, we have registered trademarks throughout our strategic markets, including Singapore.”

Dr. Power’s premium products include the ‘Advanced Pro Series’ laptop battery packs powered by the latest battery cell technology from Samsung SDI Li-ion. Dr. Power has also partnered with Leyden Energy Inc., a Silicon Valley research and development company and Boston-Power® for the ‘Green Series’ – batteries powered by next-generation lithium-ion battery technology. The company is driven to expand into environmentally-friendly energy product categories.

“Our mission is to continue to develop safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products”, says Huen. “We are also developing and marketing our high-quality LED lighting solutions under the brand name ‘Dr. Bulbs’ and our Power Assisted e-Bikes which are branded as ‘Dr. EBIKE’,”

With offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Australia and Hong Kong, the company is strengthening its position as a leading brand in mobile-power solutions for portable electronic devices in strategic international markets.

“As a regional I.T. hub, Singapore remains an important market for us moving forward”, says Huen. “As E-commerce continues to develop in Southeast Asia, we fully intend to expand our footprint across the region.”

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