Drive your Ambition

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Drive your Ambition

In Switzerland, customers are very aware of new innovation-driven technologies available to the market. In the automotive sector, Mitsubishi Motors is taking every opportunity to better engage with customers across the country and succeeding in what is a very competitive market.

Mitsubishi Motors invested in innovative automotive technology ten years ago. Today, the company is leading the auto industry through its range of performance vehicles.

“Our strategy and focus is on the sales and service of quality, technology-driven Mitsubishi vehicles,” says Bernd Hoch, MM Automobile Schweiz AG’s managing director.

Bernd Hoch, MM Automobile Schweiz AG’s Managing Director  |  © MM Automobile Schweiz 
“Our Outlander PHEV has become a leading model in the Swiss market and we are continuously driving volume in Switzerland. I often explain that the technologies offered by Mitsubishi Motors are comparable to a ‘Swiss Army knife’ in that the customer has a range of options at their disposal – hybrid and electric solutions – which improve the driving experience.”

Mitsubishi Motors has had a presence in the country for over forty years and today the SUV 4X4 range has become sought in the Swiss market.

“In terms of market share, we are above the current European average,” says Hoch. “We have sold a total of 300,000 cars in the Swiss market.”

It is often stated that Japan is recognised as a country which values quality, a characteristic which is mirrored here in Switzerland.

“The Japanese and Swiss share a similar mentality in that we both appreciate the ideals of trust, honesty, hard work and traditional values,” says Hoch. “We have a strong cultural bond and a deep friendship is shared between our two countries which both sides are keen to nurture. Our historical relationship is founded on an appreciation for one another and this will continue as we strengthen our ties.”

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