Eagle Holding Europe – Driven by Success

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Eagle Holding Europe – Driven by Success

Separating atmosphere from fluid and preventing leaks, seals are a critical part of many components. Serving the automotive, aerospace, marine and energy sectors, Japan-based EKK Eagle Industry Co. Ltd. has become a world-leader in the manufacture of mechanical seals and components.

Eagle Holding Europe, the company’s European arm, is focused on delivering seals and valve components for the automotive industry.

“We entered the European market in 1991 through our investment in German-based Simrax GmbH”, says president Toshiyuki Yamaguchi.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Mr Toshiyuki Yamaguchi President of Eagle Holding Europe B.V.

“Driven by our achievements and the opportunities we saw in the European market, we established Eagle Holding Europe in Kerkrade, the Netherlands in 2010. We have since strengthened our production and research and development capabilities and today we are well-positioned to coordinate our European operations, which include two in France and one each in Hungary, Germany, and Netherlands.

EKK product line

EKK’s European team has more than doubled the company’s sales in the past six years. Today, Eagle Holding Europe generates fifteen per cent of the company’s global business (US$1.3 billion).

“Europe’s automotive industry is enjoying its best year since 2008 and as a company we are in a strong position”, says Yamaguchi.

With almost forty years in the business, Yamaguchi feels confident that the company can take advantage of opportunities and trends in the automobile industry.

The company is in the process of establishing a new research and development center in Heppenheim, Germany to deliver solutions specifically for the new types of cars, such as electric-powered.

“In the future, different types of cars will be developed and we want to help car manufacturers produce cleaner, emission-free cars”, says Yamaguchi. “We are confident we will exceed our customer’s expectations. Once our new investment in Germany is completed, we expect to become one of the Europe’s well-known names in automotive parts solutions.”


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