Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups Blossom in Canada

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Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups Blossom in Canada


Chris Xie , CEO and President, Top Renergy

VANCOUVER – We often hear small businesses are the engines of job creation. In Canada, almost one out of two Canadians in the private sector works for a small business. In support of building a culture of entrepreneurship, Chris Xie established TRE in 2010, a venture capital firm based in Canada.

TRE is committed to empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs. Alongside with Canada Immigration and Citizenship, TRE supports a new type of immigrant entrepreneur who has the potential to build innovative companies that can compete on a global scale and create jobs.

“We are proud of being a designated venture capital entity for the newly launched Start-Up Visa Program introduced by the government of Canada,” said Xie.

With Southeast Asia’s rapid economic growth, an increasing number of Asian companies and entrepreneurs are in a much stronger position to seek investment and business opportunities in North America. Xie is committed to supporting these entrepreneurs if the criteria are met as they apply to the Start-Up Visa Program.

Xie’s vision is to create positive economic impacts to the stakeholders, investors and local Canadian business communities.

“TRE is extremely interested in supporting innovative companies, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses in Canada,” said Xie.

TRE focuses on supporting new technologies and technical innovations, internet and IT related businesses with applications in a variety of industries.

TRE also plans to launch a private venture capital fund and establish a Canada-China startup business incubator.  Plans are in place between TRE and a global fund company.  This partnership will enable TRE to support startups through venture capital funding and create additional cooperation initiatives.

“We look forward to collaborating with partner companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.  I see endless opportunities throughout the Pacific Rim.  We are determined to promote the ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ and startups in North America by bridging North America to Asia,” concluded Xie.

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