Fifty years of Icebreaking Solutions

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Fifty years of Icebreaking Solutions

Aker Arctic is designing a polar research icebreaker for the Chinese Polar Research Institute

Aker Arctic is designing a polar research icebreaker for the Chinese Polar Research Institute

With the country’s reputation as a centre of excellence for innovation and its northern most territories reaching the Arctic Circle, Finland has successfully combined its knowledge based economy with its desire to continue to develop its maritime sector.

Aker Arctic Technology Inc (AARC) was established in 2004 as an independent consulting and engineering company from a group of naval architects with solid experience in the design, development and testing of Arctic Ocean-going vessels, icebreakers and offshore structures for Arctic oil and gas field operations.

“We have been developing and designing icebreakers and other vessels for more than 50 years,” says Mikko Niini, Managing Director of AARC. “Our third-generation ice model testing facility is the most advanced in the world and in addition to model and full scale testing services, we offer consulting, design and engineering services, training and services associated with technologies used in sub-zero conditions.”

Aker Arctic is behind many new innovative ship concepts, such as the Aker Arctic DAS™ “Endeavour” class Swire Pacific Offshore operated support icebreakers, the supply icebreaker “SCF Sakhalin” and the Aframax tankers “Tempera” and “Mastera”. The company is currently involved in developing new logistic systems for liquefied natural gas projects (LNG) in the Arctic region which will supply Siberian gas to China and South-East Asia via the Northeast Passage. New propulsion solutions have also been introduced like the Multi-Screw-DAS™ concept which for the first time is being used in the latest Offshore patrol vessel of the Finnish Border Guard. “A portfolio of ice going ships, especially for the offshore market, under the ARC brand is also available for ship owners and ship yards,” says Niini.

Currently, Aker Arctic is designing new Polar icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard, a polar research icebreaker for the Chinese Polar Research Institute and the next generation icebreaker for the Government of Finland.

Mikko Niini, Managing Director, Aker Arctic Technology Inc

Mikko Niini,  Managing Director,
Aker Arctic Technology Inc

With an international portfolio of 100 clients from more than 20 countries around the world, the company regards Singapore as a key maritime centre. “As one of the largest shipping hubs in the world, Singapore is also actively involved in the development of the Arctic maritime sector,” says Niini. “We have developed partnerships and contacts in Singapore and will continue to do so as we grow our business in the Asian and Arctic regions.”

Government agencies, coast guards, navies, shipping and oil companies, research facilities and universities continue to rely on AARC’s expertise and the company intends to continue developing its international business.
“We are dedicated to providing solutions to our global clients based on our experience in developing and designing icebreakers and ice-going vessels,” says Niini. “Our main goal is to enable new sustainable businesses in the Arctic by developing advanced, economical solutions for the cold environments. Just as the innovations we deliver today have been developed over several decades, and as we move into the future, we will continue to develop our people, our tools and our technologies in order to create superior products and solutions.”

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