Finnish Pioneer in Data Erasure Expands to SE Asia

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Finnish Pioneer in Data Erasure Expands to SE Asia


Kim Väisänen, CEO and Co-Founder, Blancco Oy Ltd.

Secure data erasure management is becoming more critical around the world according to Kim Väisänen, CEO and Co-Founder of Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions. “Data Erasure Management is an important process of any organization’s data lifecycle management. With the data explosion and its lifecycle getting more defined due to regulatory compliance, no longer should we only be focusing on data erasure during IT assets’ end-of-life but rather implementing this process as and when data is no longer required,” Väisänen said.

“In Southeast Asia there is an increasing demand for secure data erasure as awareness grows and legislative initiatives focus on the use of personal information for commercial purposes.” The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act was passed in 2012 and became effective in January of 2013 to regulate the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal data and to impose obligations on how businesses manage that data, how long they keep it and how they dispose of it.

Against this backdrop of legislative reform, effective data erasure is becoming a key component of data protection practices, and Blancco is responding by making its solutions available to a broadening user base worldwide.

Data erasure is a software based method that completely destroys electronic data residing on a hard drive or other digital media. It removes all information while leaving electronics operable, preserving IT assets and the environment.

While beginning as a small start-up in Joensuu, Finland in 1997, Blancco has grown into a multinational company erasing tens of thousands of IT assets worldwide each day with offices in 15 countries. A Southeast Asia office opened early this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“We’ve seen a growing need for permanent data erasure as electronic devices are retired or refurbished,” Väisänen continued. “Increased storage of sensitive data coupled with rapid technological advances and shorter IT asset life spans have driven this trend. A rise in corporate information theft and fraud has also contributed.”

“The digital universe doubles every 18 months while the spectrum of device platforms becomes more fragmented, so secure data erasure will become more challenging. But, Blancco is committed to working together with organizations to help them manage these challenges. In particular, our Southeast Asia office is ready to serve customers in Singapore.”

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