First Choice for Maritime Investors

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First Choice for Maritime Investors

Denmark - Peter Jein, Founder and Senior Partner, Navision Group

Peter Jein, founder and senior partner, Navision Group

Having been actively involved in the shipping industry for twenty-five years, Peter Jein, Founder and Senior Partner of Navision Group, understands the need to strategize for the future. Jein has come to recognize the importance of China and the country’s role in the future of the global shipping industry.

Since being established in 2001, the Group has developed a fleet of up to thirty vessels transporting 700,000 tonnes of dry bulk cargo every day. Operating in thirty countries, Navision has established a strong reputation in the handysize and handymax dry-bulk segment of the market with vessels typically between 25,000 and 50,000 tonnes. With the motto: ‘We care about what’s inside’, Navision has also developed a trustworthy reputation.

“Credibility is important in our industry and we’ve worked hard to build our reputation over the years,” says Jein. “Our motto speaks volumes about how we view our people, customers, partners and investors.”

Navision is in the process of pooling together investors to create a new fund to acquire five to ten modern ships. “The thoughts and strategies behind the fund is to take advance of the very depressed market which for sure will show some very attractive deals, as banks and owners will have to slim the balance sheet, and we will be cash buyers,” explains Jein. While companies within the industry typically facilitate the purchase of a vessel first and then find investors later, today’s investment climate has created obvious challenges. In order to differentiate Navision, Jein intends to raise initial funds before looking for the right vessels and is inviting Hong Kong and Chinese investors to take part in the fund.

Jein: “It is critical to find the right partners, financiers and counterparts and we are confident of raising the capital needed in order to build up the fleet in 2012. Navision has enjoyed a good relationship with COSCO Shanghai for ten years and we recognize that today’s modern international shipping industry wouldn’t be where it is today without China. We are pleased to invite investors from Hong Kong and China as we see 2012 as a year of opportunities within our industry”.

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Active in the dry bulk market by operating a fleet of owned and chartered vessels within the handysize/supramax Drybulk segment, typically vessels between 25,000 and 61,000 tonnes.

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