Focused on keeping Meinan Philippines moving in the right direction

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Focused on keeping Meinan Philippines moving in the right direction

For over twenty years, Meinan Philippines has earned a reputation as a highly-respected manufacturer of quality components for a range of industries.

By diversifying its product offerings and focusing on employee development and training, today the company is growing its business while empowering its workforce.

Approximately half of the company’s sales are to Japanese companies based in the Philippines with the other half to international clients in Asia and North America.

Through continued client development initiatives, Meinan Philippines is growing its business through partnerships with customers in Thailand.

The quality of Meinan Philippines’ products has been assured through extensive employee education and training. Meinan Philippines employees understand how customers use the company’s products and are able to meet client’s technical and service needs.

With one hundred and fifty current employees under his leadership, Tatsuhiko Sasai, president of Meinan Philippines is committed to employee development.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Tatsuhiko Sasai, President of Meinan Philippines

“Our Filipino workforce is hardworking and trustworthy and we are very proud of our competent team”, says Sasai. “While the Philippines is seeing labour costs increase, industrial production is being strengthened through investment initiatives and we remain committed to the Philippines, our employees and our customers”.

By creating a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, Sasai has developed a ‘family’ orientated workforce.

“We are focused on keeping Meinan Philippines moving in the right direction”, says Sasai. “We are a family and we encourage our employees to grow with our company as we expand our business operations by strengthening our ties with our partners”.

“The relationship between Japan and the Philippines remains very amiable”, concludes Sasai. “Based on mutual trust and understanding, I am confident the friendship between our two countries will go from strength to strength”.

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