Hargol FoodTech: Hopping from one success to another

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Hargol FoodTech: Hopping from one success to another

The agricultural industry around the world is currently facing several environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, genetic engineering, irrigation problems, soil degradation, and pollutants.

Hargol FoodTech took the leap to look for effective solutions to solve these concerns by being the first company in the world that has successfully developed a protein alternative by farming grasshoppers.

“Over the last 5 years we have been fortunate enough to win multiple innovation competitions increasing the exposure of the benefits of grasshoppers as a protein source for humans. This includes in 2017, the ‘Get In The Ring’ competition held in Singapore giving us the opportunity to meet our Singaporean investors and grab the attention of further local government and new foreign investors in the region,” said Dror Tamir, CEO and co-founder of Hargol FoodTech.

Since the company has already made its global presence known in The United States, Europe and Australia, the next step is to further develop its product lines through joint ventures to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative food products based on this unique ingredient.

“Farming grasshoppers is more sustainable and twenty times more efficient than farming beef. Grasshoppers provide many health benefits such as improved metabolism (reduction in sugar and cholesterol levels) and reduction in body fat. Many markets around the world are showing increased interest in this dynamic protein source.”

Dror Tamir, CEO and Co-founder of Hargol FoodTech   |  © Hargol FoodTech
Hargo grasshoppers served in Australia   |  © Hargol FoodTech
“We are currently improving our cultivation efficiency and diversifying our product line to sports protein powders, nutritional supplements and hamburgers with grasshopper protein,” explained Tamir. “Our farms operate on a closed system enabling year-round production with high quality and producing no additional waste to the environment.”

Hargol FoodTech is already capable of producing the grasshoppers on a commercial scale with worldwide distribution.

Moving forward, the company aims to set up sustainable grasshopper farms all over the world.

“Our goal is to find the right strategic joint venture partner to further aid us in establishing local businesses in Africa, Southeast Asia and around the world to meet the demands of multiple growing and flourishing consumer markets.”

“The future of the agricultural sector looks promising especially with innovations such as grasshopper protein,” concluded Tamir.


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