‘Heart working People’ committed to Asia

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‘Heart working People’ committed to Asia

Danish entrepreneur, EinarViggo Schou, acquired the Palsgaard Estate in Denmark in 1908 before inventing and patenting the world’s first commercial emulsifier in 1917. With a unique ownership structure through ‘The Schou Foundation’, Palsgaard delivers solutions toglobal food manufactures. The company is continuing to strengthen its ties to Asia through its regional hub in Singapore.

Palsgaard supplies emulsifiers and stabilizers to the global food industry forbakery, confectionary, dairy, ice-cream, fine-foods, and margarine and soy applications. Emulsifiers encourage the suspension of one liquid within another (oil and water in margarine) while stabilizers help maintain an emulsified state and improve food consistency and flavour.

Innovation is at the heart of Palsgaard’s business and the company’s independently held research and development company, Nexus provides Palsgaard with research, quality control and analysis services.

As the food industry in Asia continues to mature, following customers into Asian markets has proved successful for Palsgaard.

“We have been in Asia for sixteen years and are active in eighteen countries across Asia with our Singaporean office acting as our strategic hub for the region,” says Jakob Thøisen, Palsgaard’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our application facilities in Singapore combined with our state of the art production facilities in Malaysia is the key to our success in Asia”.

Last year saw Palsgaard install a margarine pilot plant at its Regional Application Centre in Singapore to offer solutions to margarine manufactures in Asia. Palsgaard’s recently opened production facility in Malaysia produces emulsifiers and stabilizers and has a capacity of 20,000 MT per year.

“We are seeing our Asian business grow significantly and are registering double digit growth in the region,” says Thøisen. “By being close to our customers we can work in partnership with them to deliver tailored solutions. We will increase our business in Asia through our expertise and our approach to doing business in a responsible manner”.

Jakob Thoisen CEO Palsgaard
Jakob Thøisen, CEO, Palsgaar
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has played a central role in Palsgaard’s growth in Asia and the rest of the world. The company ranks in the Top 25 Danish firms for employee satisfaction and Palsgaard’s award winning CSR initiatives cover energy and environment (the company aims to become CO2 neutral by 2020), employees, corporate governance and products.

“The Asian market is today increasingly important to us and our strategic decision to establish a presence in Singapore proved to be the right choice,” says Thøisen. “We will continue to innovate and ensure we deliver the best solutions to Palsgaard’s customers across Asia”.

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