Hiab celebrates forty five years in Japan

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Hiab celebrates forty five years in Japan

Hiab, originating from Sweden, revolutionized the global load-handling industry in the 1940s with the invention of the world’s first hydraulic truck mounted loader crane.

As part of the Cargotec Corporation, Hiab rapidly became the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, establishing thriving businesses in more than 100 countries – few more successfully than in Japan.

Underpinning Hiab’s success in Japan has been its pioneering knuckle-boom crane, a quicker, more powerful, durable and versatile unit than the common telescopic or stiff-boom cranes.

Toshiya Suzuki, President of Hiab, Japan
“We have developed our business steadily over the past 45 years in Japan, in particular by developing the market for knuckle-boom cranes,” said Toshiya Suzuki, president of Hiab in Japan.

“Today a Hiab Crane is synonymous with knuckle-boom cranes in the Japanese market and we are the market leader in forestry, iron scrap-handling and waste management.”

Hiab Japan carries a full range of load-handling equipment including Hiab, loader cranes, Loglift Jonsered forestry and recycling cranes, Multilift demountables, and Zepro tail-lifts.

Its equipment is known as being of the highest quality and its after-sales services and maintenance programs as first class.

“We have many loyal customers in Japan due to the reliability and durability of our products, which help customers to improve their performance and efficiency,” said Mr Suzuki.

Hiab is a valued supplier to the fire-rescue segment, too. Its cranes and demountables are installed in special purpose rescue vehicles that help save lives.

LOGLIFT 118S HiVision™

Photos provided by: Hiab

Hiab is once again revolutionizing crane operations with the introduction of its award-winning HiVision™ forestry crane control system which allows operators to work safely and comfortably inside the truck cabin with the use of virtual-reality goggles and two electrical joysticks.

“The safety and comfort of the operators is of utmost importance to us,” said Mr Suzuki.

The innovative HiVision™ system has four cameras mounted by the top seat where crane operators can generate 3D views of the work area. Two joysticks and a 270-degree field of vision enable operators to work safely and effectively.

“Our advanced ergonomic design ensures the operator is comfortable in the truck cabin, an important factor considering Japan’s cold winters and hot and humid summers,” said Mr Suzuki. “The system is comparable with playing a video game and we expect to attract a new generation of operators for the forestry sector.”

The first HiVision™ crane has already been delivered to a customer in Tohoku (northern part of Japan). A demonstration truck with HiVison™ is presently touring the country and creating a great deal of interest.

“It is important for us to further develop our business in Japan by strengthening our commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Mr Suzuki. “My priority is to find and develop other segments and applications for our products and services.”

With forest and environmental protection of prime importance to Hiab Japan, the company is an active member of the Japan Iron and Steel Recycling Institute and the Japan Woody Bioenergy Association.

“We enjoy good relations with Tokyo University in the fields of agriculture and forestry,” said Mr Suzuki. “We discuss and exchange innovative ideas, and we often collaborate with them when we modify our product designs.”

Acknowledging the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic and trade treaty between Sweden and Japan, Mr Suzuki added: “Swedish and Japanese companies are very similar in that we take pride in our countries, industries and products, and are dedicated to our customers. We celebrate the long-term relations between our two countries and are delighted to have contributed to this relationship through 45 years of doing business.”

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