Hong Kong – The heart of the Asian business community

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Hong Kong – The heart of the Asian business community

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is one of Asia’s most important business locations. Having developed a flair for ‘getting the job done’ in terms of facilitating trade, Hong Kong is attracting investment and remaining competitive on the world stage.

“With its rule of law, open economic policies and a high-level of trust throughout the corporate community, Hong Kong offers a welcoming business environment”, says Masakazu Yagyu, Secretary General of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Global companies are coming to Hong Kong in order to position themselves within the heart of the Asian business community”, says J.P. Lee, Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. “We continue to see international and local Hong Kong-based companies come together”.

The economic relationship between Hong Kong and Japan continues to flourish.

“Hong Kong is an important partner for Japan in the areas of tourism, trade, investment and education and we play a key role in facilitating exchanges between Hong Kong and Japan”, says Kuninori Matsuda, Ambassador and Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan, Hong Kong. “Up until 2017, Hong Kong has been the number one importer of Japanese agricultural products for thirteen years in a row while Hong Kong also remains a popular destination for Japanese tourists”.

While Hong Kong is half the size of Tokyo, last year over sixty million visitors travelled from Japan to Hong Kong.

Kuninori Matsuda, Ambassador and Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan, Hong Kong

The Japanese government’s efforts to facilitate cultural exchanges with Hong Kong have resulted in programs offered to students interested in studying and immersing themselves in Japanese society.

The Japan Hong Kong Society helps to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Hong Kong and Japan through cultural cooperation.

“Through our education and language learning initiatives, we have helped to bring Hong Kong and Japan closer together”, says Frankie Wu, Chairman of The Japan Society of Hong Kong. “A growing number of students are studying Japanese and we play a role in helping students develop their Japanese language skills. China and Japan have strong historical ties and we will continue to build on the successes we have achieved to create a stronger partnership”.

According to the Japan Hong Kong Society’s President, David Mong, Hong Kong and Japan’s deep understanding of one another has developed into a mutually beneficial relationship.
“With both sides are making every effort to further strengthen ties”, says Mong. “Our Society’s efforts to facilitate educational exchanges and cross-border interactions have contributed to this increasingly important relationship”.

Cross-border trade lies at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic success. The Chinese governments ‘Greater Bay Area’ initiative will unite the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau region and encourage further economic growth.

“Hong Kong is set to benefit from this initiative through the flow of people, goods and information”, says Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Resources Group. “Hong Kong remains an attractive investment destination in its own right and continues to strengthen its economic position within the region. The SAR will undoubtedly play an important role in facilitating international business developments and with the ‘team-effort’ being made by Hong Kong and Japan; we expect this particular relationship to further develop as we look towards the future advancement of the Asian region”.

J. P. Lee: “While we expect the Hong Kong – Japan relationship to flourish across all key-sectors of Hong Kong’s economy, in the legal services sector, the International Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong has expanded its services to support Hong Kong’s increasingly important role as a regional dispute-resolution destination”.

With new opportunities presenting themselves, Hong Kong is able to look back on an illustrious history while working ever more closely with a thriving Asian business community.


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