Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE): Venue of Choice

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Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE): Venue of Choice

It has been less than three years since ICE was formally inaugurated yet it has already been hailed as the best venue for exhibitions in the Indonesia. What are the key characteristics and competitive advantages of ICE that make it so?

ICE is one of the largest exhibition and convention center in South East Asia.

ICE has a foot print of 220.000 sqm with a total exhibition space more than 100.000 sqm, 50.000 sqm covered space and 50.000 sqm outdoor space.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Aage Hansen, General Manager of Indonesia Convention Exhibition and Director of Deutsche Messe Venue Operations

ICE has 10 exhibition halls of 5000 sqm per hall, 33 meeting rooms and one luxury convention hall.

Dedicated loading doors for easy access for event set up and dismantle.
ICE has an in house production kitchen with dedicated and experienced chefs that produces the best traditional and international cuisine.
Partnered by a five star F& B service that treat the guests with professionalism and five star service.
Dedicated bonded warehouse for accommodating varieties of trade fairs.
ICE has 5000 dedicated parking space, both basement and outdoor areas.
ICE has Santika Premiere Hotel just inside ICE complex, where it can be reach by 1 minute walk. ICE is also surrounded by more than 20 hotels and 8 shopping malls.
ICE is also 30 minutes away from Jakarta’s International airport and it is also connected by 2 toll roads and train stations.


ICE has been hailed the best exhibition and convention center in Indonesia.

Deutsche Messe has been operating in the region for decades and has been active in Indonesia through a representative office since 1987. Why did it decide a few years ago to build ICE?

As you might know that Indonesia Convention Exhibition is operated by Deutsche Messe on the day to day operations. The venue is actually build by PT Indonesia International Expo, a joint venture company of PT. Sinar Mas Land and PT. Kompas Gramedia.
Deutsche Messe decided to partner with PT. Indonesia International Expo to operate this large venue in order to have the best exhibition and convention center in Indonesia with international standards that only Deutsche Messe can deliver.

How would you describe the current M.I.C.E. landscape in Indonesia? Please share some opportunities and challenges while sharing why Jakarta is an ideal location M.I.C.E. activities in the region?

The MICE industry in Indonesia is still growing fast year by year. This can be seen by the high demand of new events that is coming here to ICE and also our competitors.
The economy growth is also another factor that has push businesses to hold MICE in many venues around Indonesia, especially big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.
The constant economy growth of 5% is the opportunity for the MICE industry to gain and gather all the growth in the economy and convert it to more MICE projects in the future.
As ICE is located in BSD City, which is the outskirts of Jakarta, it still allows for easy access from the high concentration of traffic of Jakarta’s central business district. BSD City which is a satellite city outside of Jakarta has many residential complex, universities, hospitals, and thriving malls, where this allows for events that are family oriented are attracted to held events at ICE.
Events such as GIIAS, Indo Pet Expo, Jakarta Kids Fair, Disney on ICE, PRI, and Big Bad Wolf are some of the examples of successful events that also targeting the family market.

What are some of the most successful events and activities in ICE and what markets or industries would you like to penetrate more?

ICE has many successful events, from the largest car show in South East Asia to Western music artist that holds an unforgettable night at one of our halls.
One of our events, GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show(GIIAS) has done their event for the third time in 2017 at ICE. By covering all halls and convention area at ICE, GIIAS has become the biggest auto show in South East Asia by having more than 96.000 sqm of exhibition space and also attracting more than 500.000 visitors during the event.
In 2018 we are penetrating more to the overseas market as we want to have overseas events coming to our venue. Especially from the regional countries in particular, such as ASEAN markets and Also Japan, South Korea & amp; China.

What are your efforts and initiatives to make ICE the venue of choice not only for Indonesia but for the region?

We are promoting ICE not only in Indonesia but also in other markets. We want them to know that Indonesia has one of the biggest convention and exhibition center in the region. This allow for them to have a partner if they decide to enter the Indonesian market.
ICE has attend many overseas MICE events to introduce our venue, especially to the corporate and associations. Our active participation in UFI, ICCA, AIPC and other MICE events highlights our effort to make our brand known worldwide, not just in Indonesia.

ICE has numerous strategic partners. What are some notable partnerships to highlight?

ICE has many strategic partners as we want to put our venue as part of the industry that runs the wheel of the MICE industry in Indonesia.
These partners includes the local government with their contribution for government events, ASPERAPI as the local associations for MICE in Indonesia, and also international platforms such as UFI and ICCA as a partner for us to attract overseas events towards ICE.

Japan remains one of Indonesia’s top trading partners and there are over 1700 Japanese firms in Indonesia today, are there any events or initiatives targeting the Japanese community?

There used to be the Indonesia Japan Expo in order to further engage the close partnerships of Japanese Businesses in Indonesia and also introducing the Japanese culture to the Indonesia people.
We would like to see another just like this to be held at ICE, especially that the BSD City area and Jakarta as a whole has a high concentration of Japanese expatriates and companies.

What are some iconic events to look forward to in ICE for 2018-2019?

For 2018 and 2019, we still have large scale events such as GIIAS that accommodates all of our exhibition halls with more than 500.000 visitors. IndoBuildTech is also one of our biggest event that exhibits building and interior exhibition with more than 560 exhibitors from 18 countries.
ICE also has Pekan Raya Indonesia, which as a multi-product event that covers all of our halls and it has unique approach of blending multi-product exhibitions with food adventure and music entertainment. This year Pekan Raya Indonesia targets more than 500 exhibitors and 1 million visitors during the event.
We have many international events that is coming to ICE such as Sensation, the world’s leading dance event. We also have many music concerts such as Katy Perry, K-Pop Stars and many local musical events.
Other than that ICE has the biggest book sale event called Big Bad Wolf where it accommodates 4 of our exhibition halls with up to 600.000 visitors coming to the event.

What are your top priorities for growth of ICE and the M.I.C.E. industry in Indonesia over the next few years? Are there any expansion plans outside of Jakarta?

Our priorities is to follow the market trend on which industry is making great progress and we want to explore more from that particular industry and their options in hosting an event with us.

We also focus on the technological side of the way we market our venue, where the digitalization is important to accompany our growth in the future. Whether that is from social media or from our official website, we would like to see penetration more on the digital side of our marketing strategy.

We have no expansions outside of the BSD area but we are focusing now in our core product and looking for more effective ways of increasing our overall occupancy levels.

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