Kansai Paint Philippines – Delivering Innovation to the Philippines

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Kansai Paint Philippines – Delivering Innovation to the Philippines

For over twenty years, Kansai Paint Philippines has been supplying and developing products for the country’s automotive, motorcycle and industrial paint sectors.

“We are proud to supply high-quality and cost-competitive coating products to customers across the Philippines,” says Takushi Yamamoto, President of Kansai Paint Philippines. “Ultimately, we aim to be the leading paint company and supplier in the Philippines”.

Yamamoto is determined to meet the growing demands of the country’s key industries by bringing new innovations to the market. The company plans to introduce one of its ‘new functionality’ products – the ‘Ales Anti-Mosq Paint’.

Utilizing technology created in South Africa, it is the first ‘anti-mosquito’ paint proven to provide protection against mosquito-borne diseases through ‘contact repellence’. ‘Ales Anti-Mosq Paint’ was successfully launched in Malaysia having been adapted to suit tropical climates. “We are confident that this product will contribute to Philippines’ society by saving lives,” says Yamamoto.

Another cutting-edge product is Kansai Paint Philippines ‘Ales Shiquy’ which has remarkable air purifying properties. It removes odors from cigarettes, sweat, toilets and garbage; deactivates bacteria and virus; detoxifies indoor air-pollutions; controls indoor humidity; and purifies air through CO2 adsorption. More innovative products are in the pipeline as the company invests in research and development.

Kansai Paint Philippines has partnered with many Japanese investors involved in the Philippines’ ‘Build, build, build’ program and the company is benefiting from the strong economic relationship between the Philippines and Japan. The company’s esteemed partners also include key players in the Philippines’ real estate and property sectors with the company providing decorative paint.

Kansai Paint Philippines is also poised to take advantage of the expected ten to fifteen percent rise in the country’s automotive and motorcycle sales over the next few years. Established in Japan on 1918, Kansai Paint continues to build on a century of international innovation and is achieving success in the Philippines.

“We are very positive about our position here in the Philippines and see many opportunities to grow our business”, concludes Yamamoto. “We have high-quality; cutting-edge products and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our friends and partners across the Philippines”.


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