Interweaving Sustainability and Technology to deliver Innovative performance fabrics

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Interweaving Sustainability and Technology to deliver Innovative performance fabrics

Since 1992, sustainable innovation, exceptional performance and craftsmanship of art have been woven into every Kingwhale fabric. Kingwhale President, James Huang is spearheading the company’s ambitious and visionary approach based on his belief in sustainability, technology, and vertical integration in order to deliver high-performance products to ensure Kingwhale excels in the global textile industry.

Kingwhale has been known for supplying its high quality fleece as well as performance fabrics to big brands such as The North Face and Patagonia, and is currently developing an eco-friendly series of bio-degradable fabrics that provide excellent softness and smoothness while keeping one dry and warm.


James Huang, Kingwhale President.

As a socially-responsible company, Kingwhale is committed to reducing its environmental impact through its proprietary Low Impact Technology (L.I.T®).  Kingwhale’s L.I.T® uses 15% less dyestuffs, 22% less electricity for heating and cooling, half the amount of thermal energy usually required to create steam and 60% less water than conventional dyeing processes.

‘L.I.T® is at the core of Kingwhale’s commitment to sustainability,’ says James. ‘With our patented L.I.T® technology, Kingwhale has established itself as an innovator in manufacturing environmentally friendly textiles. We are about more than just producing low impact products – being genuinely low impact also means we take into account how we care for our products, employees, customers and the environment. Focusing on innovation and material science comes naturally to us – it enables us to develop new products and processes that continuously lower our environmental footprint. Ultimately, our passion for sustainability is what drives our commitment to excellence as a company’.

Vertical integration across markets has also played a key role in the company’s success. Kingwhale has mills in Taiwan, Vietnam, and had the foresight to enter the lucrative North American market by establishing a mill in North Carolina. By localizing production in key markets, Kingwhale is better able to serve customers and the company is looking to expand its global footprint over the coming years.

‘We are an environmentally-sustainable, diverse and dynamic company, dedicated to delivering the finest products’, concludes James. ‘Regardless of political, economic and environmental challenges, we embrace the vibrancy of the global market place and will move forward in line with our growth strategy and desire to position Kingwhale as a leader in the global textile industry’.

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