Leading business innovation in Thailand

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Leading business innovation in Thailand

Toyo Business Engineering Corp. (B-ENG) is a pioneer in the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. B-EN-G has also expanded into the “internet of things,” supporting the growth of the manufacturing industry through software and technology.

B-EN-G was the first Japanese company to partner with SAP, a German multinational software company. Today, B-EN-G supports customers in over 20 countries and the company ensures each client’s manufacturing operations remain competitive by delivering solutions that enable them to effectively manage their business operations and customer relationships.

Yuichi Watanabe, Deputy Managing Director of B-EN-G Thailand  |  © Synergy Media Specialists
Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co. (B-EN-G Thailand) was established in March 2003 to meet the needs of the business community across the country. Today, 80 percent of B-ENG Thailand’s clients are active in the Thai manufacturing sector and the company is building on its reputation for delivering quality service and support.

“B-EN-G Thailand provides simple solutions that enable our clients to optimize their processes and digitize the knowledge and experiences of leading manufacturing companies,” said Yuichi Watanabe, B-EN-G Thailand’s deputy managing director.

Developed in-house, mcframe (manufacturing and communication framework) is B-EN-G’s software product line, covering manufacturing operations from shop floor to upper management. With mcframe, ERP solutions include accounting, supply chain management, cost management, product line management and internet of things solutions as well.

“We have developed tailored solutions to meet the needs of our customers in Thailand,” said Watanabe. “In Thailand, 90 percent of our customers are Japanese and while the country continues to successfully attract investment from Japan and other Asian countries, we want to connect with local Thai companies and work together to create new business opportunities by leveraging on the strengths of one another.”

B-EN-G Thailand’s collaboration with the Department of Industrial Promotion will support the country’s Thailand 4.0 initiative to revive small and midsized manufacturing industries. In addition, the Thai–German Institute is implementing B-EN-G’s IoT Series when consulting with their customers.

“The country of Thailand provides not only a good ‘trial market’ for companies developing new businesses and technologies, but also a forward- moving economy, an industrial realization of new technologies and an abundant workforce,” said Watanabe. “By creating solutions together, we can contribute to the strengthening of the Thai economy and build future opportunities.”


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The Company

Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (B-EN-G)

 11th Floor, CTI Tower, 191/85 Ratchadapisek Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand