Leading measuring instruments provider drives ‘Industry 4.0’

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Leading measuring instruments provider drives ‘Industry 4.0’

“To be made, is to be measured,” said Naotatsu Fujiwara, managing director of Mitutoyo Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Forty years ago this year, Mitutoyo, the world-leading Japanese precision measuring instruments company, established its first Asian subsidiary in Singapore. In this anniversary year, the company is taking steps to strengthen its activities in Singapore and the region.

From Singapore, Mitutoyo Asia Pacific has established offices across the Asian region in markets with strong manufacturing sectors such as Thailand and Malaysia. While these markets have become growth-drivers for Mitutoyo Asia Pacific, Singapore remains the company’s regional headquarters in the heart of Asia.

The company’s commitment to Singapore is exemplified by the Mitutoyo Building in central Singapore.

“The Mitutoyo Building, built in 1992, is one of only a few freehold buildings in Singapore fully owned by a Japanese company,” said Fujiwara.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment as it symbolizes Singapore is not only our base, it is our home. Singapore’s advantages include logistics, ease of doing business and access to a rich talent pool. Our diverse and talented team of people has enabled us to be successful in Singapore for the last 40 years.”

In recent years, the global manufacturing industry has transitioned toward Industry 4.0 — a concept based in automation and data exchange for manufacturing technologies.

Naotatsu Fujiwara, Managing Director of Mitutoyo Asia Pacific  |  © Synergy Media Specialists
The Mitutoyo Building located on Kallang Avenue was built in 1992 and is one of few freehold buildings in  Singapore fully-owned by a Japanese company.  |  © Mitutoyo Asia Pacific
This practice demands precise measurement collections. As an industry leader, Mitutoyo has increased its market share through its services and solutions for Industry 4.0-focused clients.

“In advanced technologies and manufacturing, the Singapore market has matured rapidly compared with other countries in the region,” said Fujiwara.

“Countries, such as Thailand and Malaysia, and developing economies across the region are advancing their manufacturing capabilities,” Fujiwara said. “This is a very exciting time for us as a company, our industry and our clients across Asia.”




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