Meeting increasing demand through safety, quality and productivity

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Meeting increasing demand through safety, quality and productivity

“Our objective has always been to produce high-quality components which meet the requirements of our international clients”, says Keisuke Yamanishi, President of JX Nippon Mining and Metals Philippines (JX-NMPH).

The company, based in Laguna, Philippines, has been producing high-end Electro-Deposited Copper Foil (EDCF) and Treated Rolled Copper Foil (TRCF) for over twenty years.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Keisuke Yamanishi,  President of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Philippines, Inc.

EDCF and TRCF are used in copper-clad laminated printed circuit applications in the electronic industry in Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan.

“The majority of our customers manufacture high-end consumer electronics such smartphones, laptops and tablets and we deliver our products and solutions from our 50,000 square meter facility in the Philippines”, explains Yamanishi.

With increasing demand for high-end consumer electronics, quality components play a key role in the global technology industry. JX-NMPH supplies high-end copper foil to the market and is seeing strong demand due to the robust high-end consumer electronics industries.

“While we are supplying copper foil to meet produce high-end, world-class product requirements, we also place great importance on safety and environmental awareness as a company” says Yamanishi.

“This is reflected in our corporate mission statement which prioritizes; safety and environment, quality and productivity”.

JX-NMPH adheres to these three priorities in order to successfully deliver high-quality components from the Philippines to rest of the world.

“The relationship between Japan and the Philippines continues to improve and I have had a very pleasurable experience working with local employees”, concludes Yamanishi.

“Through education and training initiatives, we have improved our productivity levels, safety and craftsmanship. We expect JX-NMPH to be in a strong position to better serve our customers and make an even greater contribution to Philippines’ society”.

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