Message from Berit Basse, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore

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Message from Berit Basse, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore

Berit Basse, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore

“Ever since Denmark and Singapore agreed on a diplomatic relationship back in 1965, our ties have strengthened.

The close link between the countries has historically been shipping, but today Danish companies in Singapore represent a much wider field – from renewable energy, food and pharmaceutical to facility services, information and communications technology as well as lifestyle products and architecture. On authority level, the areas of mutual interest include innovation, green technology and environmental solutions as well as developing smart and sustainable cities. The political partnership has most recently been strengthened by strategic agreements for the maritime industry in 2012 and for water technology in 2014. Thanks to its strategic location and world-class business-friendliness, Singapore offers excellent opportunities for Danish companies in South East Asia. Likewise, as an important European hub, Denmark offers lucrative access to the Nordic markets, a fully flexible labour market as well as excellent investment opportunities. I see great potential for an even closer partnership and for increasing trade between Denmark and Singapore”

Henrik Sass Larsen, Denmark’s Minister for Business and Growth

“Shipping is the backbone of international trade and plays a crucial role for the global economy at large and for the wellbeing of people around the world.

Singapore and Denmark are both leading maritime nations – and I value the close and constructive maritime collaboration between our two countries not least in the International Maritime Organization. Global shipping requires global solutions and I consider a strong IMO as central in terms of ensuring quality shipping that is sustainable in economic, social and environmental terms. Singapore and Denmark are both working proactively to support growth in their maritime clusters and both countries have a profound focus on leveraging the potential of being leading global maritime nations. In April 2015 Singapore is hosting the Singapore Maritime Week and in October 2015, Denmark invites the maritime world to Danish Maritime Days. The strong diplomatic ties and increasing trade between our two countries have flourished over the years not only because of our close cooperation in shipping but also due to increased cooperation in several other areas. It is my hope that we will continue to broaden our field of cooperation, and I am confident that Denmark and Singapore will both benefit from the fruitful cooperation between our two countries in the years to come.”

Andreas Nordseth, Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority

“As we address developments in global trade, security, costs and environmental issues, Denmark and Singapore continue to share the same vision for the future of the global maritime industry.

The largest Danish maritime community outside Denmark can be found in Singapore and we continue to work in partnership with Singapore to move the industry into the future.”

Anne H. Steffensen, Director General of the Danish Shipowners’ Association

“Shipping is in the Danish DNA and the industry remains as strong as ever,” says Anne.

“Denmark has a strong reputation across the global shipping industry and we are actively building on our successes through our strong regulatory framework and through the support we provide to our members. The Danish maritime sector accounts for 20% of Danish exports and as people become more engaged with our industry, we want to address opportunities and challenges, such as the environmental impact of the shipping industry. As an entity, ‘Blue Denmark’ is addressing current and future challenges by creating new clean-tech solutions, investing in education and driving the industry forwards in a responsible way.” “We have established the ‘Danish Maritime Days’ and the ‘Danish Maritime Forum’ which will be taking place again in October 2015 to unleash the potential of the global maritime industry. As such, Asia is pivotal to the Danish shipping industry and we have strong ties to Singapore. Many Danish companies enjoying strong representation in Singapore and as a strategic hub for Asian markets, we will continue to work in partnership with our Singaporean friends”.

Steen Sabinsky, CEO of the Maritime Development Center of Europe

“Challenging times are a period of opportunity,” says Steen Sabinsky, CEO of the Maritime Development Center of Europe.

“Today, the global maritime industry is preparing itself for anticipated improvements in the market. While the price of oil, financing challenges and global economic concerns continue to affect the international business community, we are seeing a period of innovation in the maritime industry with companies assessing and adjusting their strategy in order to position themselves for future growth”.

Mr. Jesper Sebbelin, Danish Shipbrokers´ Association, General Manager

“Within the global maritime industry, Denmark is actively building on its strong shipping tradition.

2014 saw consolidation across the industry and we expect this to continue in 2015 as numerous global challenges effect the economy. We continue to see the Danish and Singaporean maritime relationship develop through trust and understanding. The Singaporean business environment remains very welcoming for Danish maritime companies and we will ensure that Denmark and Singapore build on what has become a very important and mutually beneficial, working relationship”

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