Mitsui Chemicals: Reliable strengths provide solutions for the future

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Mitsui Chemicals: Reliable strengths provide solutions for the future

Mitsui Chemicals’ three business fields are centered on mobility, health care and food and packaging.

Mitsui Chemicals Group originally started its coal chemical business in 1912, has become a major chemical manufacture in Japan. The company produces advanced materials through organic-synthetic chemistry and catalyst and polymer science technology.

In China, the regional headquarters of Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co. Ltd. was established in 1999. The company currently has twenty subsidiaries in China and continues to make life better for Chinese people.

Hiroshi Matsuzaki, President of Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.  |  © Synergy Media Specialists 

Approximately seventy percent of light-weight modern automotive vehicles are made from resins.

Polypropylene compounds, Ethylene-Propylene Terpolymer (MITSUI EPT™), Adhesive polyolefin (ADMER™), Thermoplastic olefinic elastomer (MILASTOMER™) and other engineering plastics continue to make vehicles lighter and tougher.

Health care

Mitsui Chemicals’ eye-glass lenses focus on vision correction and eye protection through the use of ultra-violate (UV) blocking polymers.

Food and packaging

Mitsui Chemicals solutions eliminate food waste and greatly advance food safety and security. The company’s multi-layered packaging films employ a ‘gas barrier’ effect to make food last longer.

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The Company

Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co. Ltd.

Optical Components
Shanghai Jing’an District Hengyi Road 268, Yinxing Building Room 2102