NCKU educates graduates to make a positive impact on our world

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NCKU educates graduates to make a positive impact on our world

Located in the vibrant Tainan City in Southern Taiwan, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) checks all the boxes for foreign students who want to better understand Asia.

NCKU offers students a rigorous and challenging academic environment and the chance to gain life-experiences in a diverse and respected place. Tainan City’s mix of culture and ethnicity is due to the city’s history.

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Originally an outpost for aboriginals, Tainan City was settled by the Dutch over four hundred years ago before the city became the island’s capital during Japanese occupation. Regarded as an enclave for the Taiwan elite in recent years, the city is a key destination for foreign investment. One of NCKU’s branch campuses is just a five minute drive from the Tainan Science Park. Here Bio-technology firms andcomponent manufacturersare establishing businesses and NCKU is the organizing institution and one of the Park’s main supporters.

‘It is important students understand and appreciatepeople from various backgrounds in order to gain a better understanding of equality’, says Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU. ‘By encouraging our students to have an openmind, we are confident that our graduates will succeed and face the challenges of ourrapidly changing world. Our students are well-equipped to grasp international opportunities and become successful’.

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In addition to welcoming the western-world to Asia, NCKU is also expanding its global footprint. Rather than establishing partnerships with other universities, NCKU has created ‘Alliance Hubs’ in order to better connect international partners. Currently operating in Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila, these hubs generate collaborations between students, faculty, research partners and local governments who are using the Hubs to share ideas. This year NCKU will establish Hubs in North America and Europe.

‘Our Alliance Hubs and international exchange programs enable us to educate graduates who want to make a positive impact on our world’, says President Su. ‘The majority of our faculty was educated in North America and Europe and today we act as a bridge connecting both Europe and North America to Asia. This makes NCKU a strong player within the global education sector. In the future we intend to strengthen our relationships with governments, education institutions, students and global citizens as they engage with the Asian region’.

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