Nurturing sustainable, chemical-free seed treatment

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Nurturing sustainable, chemical-free seed treatment

An agricultural revolution is taking place. Launched in 2006, ThermoSeed’s innovative seed disinfection technology has enabled growers across Europe to shift from traditional chemical seed treatment to thermal steam pasteurization.

While hot, humid weather favors plant pathogens, ThermoSeed’s hot, humid seed treatment controls diseases, replaces the use of chemicals and gives stronger, more vigorous and higher- yielding crops.

Kenneth Alness, Founder and Managing Director of ThermoSeed Global AB
The seeds are heated in meticulously controlled conditions before being cooled and dried for storage until planting. “The switch to our technology is a profitable step for both farmers and seed companies and it contributes to the creation of environmentally sustainable agriculture,” said Kenneth Alness, company founder and managing director of Thermo- Seed Global AB, part of the agricultural cooperative group Lantmannen.

Today, one-third of all seeds in Sweden and around half of those in Norway are treated with ThermoSeed. Thanks to its successes in Scandinavia, the company is entering other European countries and North America with very positive results.

Thermoseed’s thermal steam pasteurization process

Photos provided by: Thermoseed

In the coming years, ThermoSeed Global plans to introduce the technology in Japan together with ZENNOH, Japan’s largest agricultural cooperative.

“Both Sweden and Japan have common interests in nature, sustainable agriculture, food quality and innovation and we are very excited to enter the Japanese market,” said Alness.

“Our team has learned a lot from our Japanese partners and through our cooperation we intend to create synergies. This endeavor will result in a win-win partnership as we continue to work together for sustainable and profitable food production.”

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