Omori Europe: Creating a Successful Dutch-Japanese Partnership

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Omori Europe: Creating a Successful Dutch-Japanese Partnership

Netherlands based company Selo, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the engineering and manufacturing of packaging machinery. In 2015, the company partnered with Omori Japan, one ofthe world leading manufacturers of packaging equipment.

Selo represented Omori in Europe for almost forty years before the two companies decide to become strategic partners. In order, to initialize this partnership, president of Omori, Mr. Toshio Omori decided to acquire a major part of the shares in Selo.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Mr Jeroen Mulder Managing Director and Ms Maureen Geeraths showing an Omori Europe packaging line for sliced cheese

“The synergy of our two companies can be traced back to our founding’s. The expertise and experience that have been build up over the years, in both companies can now be combined. This makes us capable to design and build sophisticated machinery for all the challenges in the packaging industry”, says Jeroen Mulder, managing director of Omori Europe.

“Omori is constantly encouraging us to innovate and this confirms the trust in which they have in our capabilities”, says Ms. Geeraths, marketing and sales director of Omori Europe. “Through our ideas, market knowledge, and comprehensive network; we are in a position to adapt and distribute Omori machinery to clients across Europe”.

Recognizing the importance of open communication, the two companies regularly exchange ideas on moving forward in innovation and design, in order to maintain their leading role in the industry.

“We have successfully combined Japanese and Dutch engineering techniques and our partnership will lead us to become the preferred solutions provider for our clients”, explains Mulder.

Smart-packaging’ is part of the company’s future strategy. “It is our responsibility as packaging machinery manufacturer to address the potentially harmful environmental effects of plastics, used as main flexible packaging material”.
“We have developed easy-to-open and re-closable packaging solutions to achieve user friendliness and a significant reduction of plastic waste”, says Mulder.
“We intend to innovate as we grow our business and further strengthen our partnership with our Japanese friends”.

As the company gears towards further growth, Mulder and Geeraths expect Omori Europe to gain more market share and expand their clientele in the European packaging industry.”

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