Philippines Tourism – Beach Resorts in Palawan

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Philippines Tourism – Beach Resorts in Palawan

Binga Beach offers a completely undeveloped, unspoiled beach with upscale glamping bungalows hidden among the palm trees.  |  © Binga Beach
Business is booming in the Philippines in everything from the agricultural to the IT sectors, but a pillar of the Filipino economy is always its tourism. We’ve been lucky enough to discover a new, truly hidden gem in the Binga Beach Resort soon unveiling their beachfront glamping resort in Palawan.

Blessed with over 7,000 beautiful islands, the country has been popular with everyone from casual beachgoers to high-energy thrill seekers for decades. In that time, many areas have become popular for a specific niche and type of travel and activity.

The big island of Palawan, located on the Western side of the country, has long been renowned as a ‘Last Frontier’ destination being one of the least densely populated and developed of all the island archipelagos. Its crown jewel is El Nido where you find limestone rock formations magically emerging from the crystal blue waters, lagoons and white sand beaches. It’s undoubtedly among the most beautiful areas in the Philippines and has the luxury hotels and resorts to match. Condé Nast Traveler even praises El Nido as No.4 on their exclusive list of the “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.”

In recent years, all the attention heaped onto El Nido has caught up with it, and with its narrow streets overflowing and its harbor resembling a parking lot full of boats, tourists are again looking for greener, more truly unknown pastures.

Binga Beach is located in a super lush corner, right at the foot of Mt. Capoas, roughly halfway between San Vicente and El Nido, Palawan.  |  © Binga Beach
Mangroves at Binga Beach.  |  © Binga Beach
Two areas to the South have gotten much attention, Port Barton is popular with backpackers and San Vicente is quickly gaining popularity especially with its new airport just opening up at the end of 2018.

But they’re both still relatively well-known and visited. We recently met with the Partner and Property Manager David Le Smith of the soon-to-be-open Binga Beach Resort who enlightened us to a really amazing proposition: a beach with absolutely no tourist development, completely gorgeous and now just recently made accessible with the new airport and newly constructed roads. The Lumambong beach in Barangay Binga is now accessible via only a 45-minute drive, whereas it used to take hours on barely passable roads.

David Smith explains the possibilities around their new concept: “We’ve followed and listened to the market all up and down the coast and what we kept hearing from visitors is a desire to really find that place at the edge of the map, the real adventure beyond cliché package tours and the chance to find someplace unique. A place where they have really discovered something.”

The Binga Beach Resort concept will aim to capture that adventure while at the same time pamper for a bit of luxury. Their plans include upscale glamping tents that give an intimacy with nature but still provide all the essential comforts you need after a day at the beach right out in front or on the mountain right next door. The resort is located in a super lush corner, right at the foot of Mt. Capoas, the tallest mountain in Northern Palawan.

Smith explained further: “We’re excited to introduce our resort to the public as we know it’s such a rare offering at this moment. We offer a completely undeveloped, unspoiled beach with upscale glamping bungalows hidden among the palm trees. Everyone will immediately know they’ve gone way beyond the regular touristic zone. We have tons of activities, amazing food, great service, and a one-of-a-kind beach. I fell in love with it the moment I first laid eyes on it and I know the guests will too.”

Located roughly halfway between San Vicente and El Nido, Binga Beach is sure to attract visitors touring Palawan and eager for a new experience off the beaten path.

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