Pursuing the vision of an ideal human society in a Metropolis

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Pursuing the vision of an ideal human society in a Metropolis

Japan - Prof. Fumio Harashima, President, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo Metropolitan University, President, Prof. Fumio Harashima

Ranked amongst the top ten Japanese Universities in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) is building on its reputation within the international education sector

Founded in 1949 and reorganized in 2005, TMU currently has more than 700 faculty members instructing approximately 7,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students.

“TMU was founded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government,” says Fumio Harashima, President of TMU. “Today our core competencies are based on improving the urban environment, building a highly intellectual society within a dynamic industry structure and realizing a society of vitality and longevity”.

Located in the heart of the Tokyo metropolis, TMU pursues the vision of an ideal human society engaged in relevant and benefi cial research and education. The university’s strengths lie in its MBA, sociology, architecture, civil engineering, robotics, bio-informatics, astrophysics, chemistry and nanotechnology courses.

The university’s mission focuses on the essential relationship between education and research which Harashima refers to as – “the succession and creation of knowledge”.

Diversity, gender, disability and race are close to Harashima’s heart; “In our modern society, education has evolved in line with the basic human needs of purpose and personal fulfillment. Humankind has built civilizations based on educating and nurturing people and by creating a sense of value and culture we are able to pass on our knowledge to the next generation”.

TMU’s International Center is playing a vital role in laying the foundations for future generations while also accelerating the globalization of the university. Relationships are increasingly being established with international institutions and today TMU students attend programs at Georgetown University to acquire American-style scientific presentation skills.

Harashima intends to further develop the fundamental pillars of education and research and is driven to internationalize TMU in line with his vision for the continued positive development of society, gender equality and diversity within the university.

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