Rapid Solutions for Water-Quality Control in Asia

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Rapid Solutions for Water-Quality Control in Asia

Effective water-quality control depends on rapid, robust and reliable microbiological testing methods. Mycometer A/S, the global leader in the rapid quantification of bacteria, is delivering cutting-edge solutions to customers in Asia.

Water used in industry and utilities requires efficient and accurate testing for bacteria. Any necessary adjustments can then be made to ensure clean, high-quality water is produced.

Founded in 1998 as a spin off from a University of Copenhagen research group, Mycometer’s technology focuses on delivering rapid methods for the quantification of bacteria.

1999 saw the company launch ‘Mycometer®-test’ for measuring the level of fungal biomass on surfaces. ‘Bactiquant®-water test’ for quantifying bacteria in water and other liquids was launched in 2006. ‘Bactiquant®-surface’, for quantifying bacteria on surfaces after flooding and ‘Mycometer®-air’, a new method for measuring the level of mould in the air were launched in 2009.

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Portable fluorometer for analysis

Today, Mycometer holds several patents and registered trademarks. The company’s technology has been verified by the United States Environment Protection Agency.

In Europe, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, Vitens, has spent two years working closely with Mycometer. 2015 will see the company run approximately 18,000 water analyses utilizing Mycometer’s technology.

In addition to offices in Horsholm, Denmark and Tampa, USA, Mycometer is successfully bringing its technology to Singapore and the rest of Asia through its new office in Singapore.

“Competent and skilled technicians have enabled Singapore to be at the cutting-edge of water technology”, says Dr. Morten Miller, Co-founder of Mycometer. “We appreciate the spirit of collaboration Singapore offers within our field of expertise and we want to continue partnering with technology-driven clients. We are a member of the Danish Water Technology House in Singapore and are working closely with Singapore’s Public Utilities Board”.

By actively driving water-monitoring technology into the future, Mycometer is in a strong position to work with both public entities and private businesses in Asia. Crucially, while international sales channels are being developed, Mycometer is continually innovating and developing new technologies.

“We are developing an automated water-sampler solution and are committed to delivering new innovation-driven technologies to our clients,” says Miller. “Our success in Singapore has inspired us to engage with other Asian markets. While we remain firmly committed to Singapore, we look forward to developing our activities across the region over the coming years”.

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